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Craving a dreamy, luxurious vacation These bucket-list experiences hit just the right spot and sweep you away to a magical world on your travels
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Summer is here, and it is finally time that you make your White Lotus fantasies come true &lsquoTis the season to zoom through Italian piazzas on your mighty Vespa just like Jennifer Coolidge did. So, as you plan your vacation as an ode to the season of popsicles, let us help you do it the best way possible. With Covid-19 behind us, going forward, the world can expect to see more &ndash and more adventurous &ndash travel. Both domestically and cross-border, the focus is now on memorable, meaningful experiences involving friends and family. Insights&nbspfrom the Mastercard Economics Institute&nbspreveal that consumers are taking advantage of a more traditional travel ecosystem in 2023, prioritizing leisure travel and pioneering new corridors around the world. People want to be tourists and not just travellers. People are looking to take travel to the next level&ndasheither with single trips of greater scope or more trips more often. When we say best&ndashwe mean one-of-a-kind experiences that help etch "Priceless" memories for life. We&rsquore talking about the special expeditions and then some more Read on to explore how you can simply use your Mastercard credit cards to experience it all. 

Jet, Set, Go 

As you begin your journey, make sure you have your trusted credit card (RBL World Safari Card, 6E Rewards Indigo HDFC Card, SBI Elite, etc.*), which offers cardholders access to premium airport lounges around the world. You can enjoy complimentary food and drinks, comfortable seating, and high-speed Wi-Fi before your flight. To top off your luxurious travel experience, channel your Paris Hilton as you arrange for a personal, dedicated Meet & Greet&nbspagent to escort you through the airport on departure, arrival or any connecting flights. 

Stay Like A King 

With the right credit card, you can avail exclusive perks and upgrades at luxury hotels worldwide. You can enjoy room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and late check-out, among other benefits. With the Mastercard World Elite and World Card, you can even enjoy an instant discount on hotels booked through Agoda. This is not all you can avail a night&rsquos stay&nbspat a luxury property at a vacation spot with stunning views. Explore an immersive experience of the wilderness with Anantara Resorts, or enjoy a lavish trip with Oakwood properties.  

Chauffeur-Driven Cars And Private Jets 

Think-a Road trip, but 10x more luxurious in your very own limousine Even better A private jet to the Indonesian sands to experience summer the best way possible. With your credit card, you can use the offers, exclusive deals and upgrades on luxury transportation like private jets and limousines. Now you can travel in style and comfort and avoid the hassle of commercial airlines and public transit. 

One For The Shopaholic 

Ever thought of what really inspired the mind of Coco Chanel Experience Paris&nbspthrough her eyes, and while you&rsquore at it, get a custom-made handbag from the finest leather at Bordeaux&rsquos Atelier La Patine. Additionally, Mastercard Travel Rewards (MTR) allows you to maximize your international travel by providing merchant-funded cashback at 400 marquee merchants like Macy&rsquos, Coach, Ralph Lauren etc., across 24 global destinations. Now when you travel to France, shop using an eligible card** at Galeries Lafayette and earn assured cashback or spend at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London and get up to GBP 150 cashback. Especially through Mastercard, you can enjoy shopping experiences that include personal shopping sessions, styling consultations, and access to exclusive discounts and events at high-end retailers. 

Unwind, Relax, Repeat 

Vacation is incomplete without relaxation take your trip to the next level with a stay at Torrijos, Spain, where you can experience an authentic Spanish spa to unwind and truly relax. If you are one for early morning pilates, don&rsquot miss the exclusive session&nbspwith Mumbai-based personal trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, where she helps you understand your posture and master the art of fitness. These credit cards* offer a range of wellness and spa retreats that allow you to relax and rejuvenate. You can enjoy yoga and meditation classes, spa treatments, and access to fitness centres and personal trainers. 

*Only available on Mastercard  

**Eligible Mastercard- Axis Bank Debit, Standard Chartered Debit

Offer subject to issuer opt-in for the MTR program 

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