#MuseumWeek Insta-Friendly Museums Your Camera Will Love

Think culture is boring Think again, as these fun museums from around the globe will play with your senses and add a pop of colour for your Instagram feed
An exhibit at the Museum of Ice Cream
An exhibit at the Museum of Ice Cream

Gone are the days when museums had the sign 'no photography please' plastered threatening at its front door. As more and more people are interacting with exhibits and are on social media, museums too have changed their structure and made themselves more 'Insta-friendly'. Here are a few of our favourite museums around the world. Just remember to keep that camera on and flash off

A &lsquoGram of Sugar

This US-based museum is the sprinkle on top of this list. Created in the era of social media, the Museum of Ice Cream is an Instagram photo waiting to be clicked. Expect life-sized photo ops, giant popsicles half melting into the wall, installations, and the best of all, a pool full of sprinkles to dive into. Along the way, you&rsquore also given delicious samples and scoops of ice-cream. Needless to say, this is for those obsessed with all things sugar and all filters Instagram.

Thunderbolt and Lightning

For those visiting Singapore, the ArtScience Museum is a classic, isn&rsquot it And for good reason too. What was one of the world&rsquos first art and science museums is now constantly evolving and adding exhibits relevant to the times. The permanent exhibit &lsquoFuture World&rsquo has a brilliant interplay of technology and science to create a compelling show. Its Crystal exhibit is the winner here, where a gallery full of bbeaded lights and resounding sound has people walk through it and feel as though they're walking along with the speed of light.  

The Lisa Smile

The sheer fact that The Louvre houses the Mona Lisa painting is reason enough to go visit it. Clearly, many people purport that, making it the most Instagrammed museum in the world in 2017. &nbspEverything, from the glass architectural front to the works inside deserve your attention, and a place on your Instagram feed.

Fair warning the actual painting is only 30 in x 21 in so be prepared to squint and jostle for the right frame.

Just an Illusion

Nothing is what it seems at the Museum of Illusions. This one-of-a-kind concept museum first originated in Zagreb in Croatia, and soon spread to different parts of the world. Through the mind-boggling exhibits at the museum, you can walk upside down, defy gravity and even displace your head, using a combination of science to create illusions. Isn&rsquot that a million-dollar Insta story in the making

Raindrops Keep Falling

The world-famous Rain Room is a treat for all senses, especially your eyes. This exhibit creates an environment of constantly pouring rainwater that just doesn&rsquot fall on the people walking in the exhibit. The exhibit is travelling, and currently can be found at Shangai's Yuz Museum. 

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