Go Solo 5 Apps For Women Travelling By Themselves

Modern women excel at multitasking and embracing life fully, evident in their increasing preference for solo travel. Here are five exceptional apps for female travel enthusiasts
Go Solo 5 Apps For Women Travelling By Themselves
Go Solo 5 Apps For Women Travelling By Themselves

It cannot be denied that modern women are highly adept at juggling multiple tasks and relishing life to the fullest. Their increasing inclination towards solo travel is a testament to their independence and fearlessness in breaking gender stereotypes. Whether opting for solo trips or venturing out with a group of friends, women can experience a unique kind of adventure that is truly liberating. For women with a passion for travel, there are some exceptional apps available that can serve as valuable resources. Here are five of the best ones.


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Couchsurfing is a network for travellers that allows you to connect with people from diverse cultures and communities who share your interests. The app also provides the option to book affordable accommodations or exchange services.

My Safetypin

When travelling alone, safety is crucial. The My Safetypin application employs Artificial Intelligence to evaluate the safety of places using audit and scanner tools. Additionally, you can share your current location with a trusted contact, input emergency contact information, and utilize GPS tracking directly through the app.


TripWoman is the ultimate community for female travellers. All profiles on the app are verified, ensuring the utmost level of trustworthiness. With TripWoman, you can connect with like-minded women who share your travel plans and create unforgettable experiences together, whether virtually or in person. Plus, with our SOS button, you can rest assured that you have a safe and reliable option for international travel.


Although not specifically a travel app, Clue can be a useful tool in improving your travel plans. As a period-tracking app, it provides reminders to help you stay prepared even if your menstrual cycle coincides with your trip.


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OYO is becoming more inclusive for women and has introduced a women-only hackathon to invite women from all over India to create tech-enabled products that cater to the needs of women. One of the best features of OYO is that users can check a property's ratings and detailed reviews before booking it. This enables users to make informed decisions and choose the safest property. Additionally, the "nearest" option allows users to easily book a property that is close by when needed.

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