Five Of The Best Travel Documentary Films You Should Watch

We have compiled a list of the best travel documentaries you can stream in one sitting and have a virtual vacation
One can live through other people's journeys. Credit Shutterstock
One can live through other people's journeys. Credit Shutterstock

Travelling all the time might not be possible, but one can still live through other people's journeys. We have access to the entire world because of the power of the internet and streaming services. While travel films&nbspare frequently fantastic yet&nbspfictional, travel documentaries have a way of transporting the viewer. So, here are five of the best travel documentaries you can watch online.

Encounters at the End of the World

Werner Herzog, a German feature film director, has produced several compelling travel documentaries, and this one from 2007 is among his best. The footage from Antarctica has an unearthly aspect as director Peter Zeitlinger records fantastic species that live beneath the ice. Herzog also&nbsplearns&nbspabout the equally fascinating residents who live above it. 

Children of the Snow Land

This award-winning film depicts young people on an arduous and emotional journey to their ancestral homes in the Himalayan mountain regions. After being sent away to school in Kathmandu as children, they spend more than ten years apart from their parents, who live humble lives in breathtaking surroundings. 

Tawai A Voice from the Forest

Using travel footage from explorer Bruce Parry, get acquainted with the tribes in Borneo and the Amazon. Parry focuses on hunter-gatherers to learn from their manner of living and consults specialists on the issues. Though he raises more questions than&nbspanswers, gaining knowledge from our surroundings feels more relevant than ever.

The Salt of the Earth

Sebastio Salgado, a Brazilian photojournalist, spent 40 years photographing people in lesser-known regions of South America, Africa, and central Europe. And the results are captivating. In this 2014 Oscar-nominated documentary, Salgado discusses his life and work while narrating the narratives behind his stills&nbspshowcasing breathtaking nature footage. Though not&nbspalways a pleasant watch because of how he portrays agony and suffering,&nbspit is wonderfully rewarding.

March of the Penguins

With the onslaught of winter, it&nbspfeels like an&nbspideal time to see this adorable classic shot in Antarctica. Emperor penguins walk across beautiful but dangerous snowy landscapes on a yearly voyage for mating season, as told by Morgan Freeman in this documentary. 

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