Five Instagrammers We Really Like Right Now

From photographers who capture the Mauritian seas to the breathtaking countryside of Luxembourg, here are five Instagrammers whose feed is an aesthetic heaven
Adriatik Kelmendi (@adriatikk) captures the essence of Albania in his pictures
Adriatik Kelmendi (@adriatikk) captures the essence of Albania in his pictures

Vassilios Papadopoulos

A Kung Fu teacher may not be your go-to travel Instagram handle. Unless, of course, we are talking about someone like Vassilios Papadopoulos (@sifuvassilios), a Cypriot whose fascination with Cyprus&rsquos seas knows no shores. This way, he&rsquos conjured up some fascinating frames, with an ability to present the waters uniquely with each picture, and even find something different in well-known attractions such as the Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite&rsquos Rock).

Steven Chikosi 

The most-followed and best-known Instagrammer on our list by a mile, Steven Chikosi (@stevenchikosi), is from Harare, Zimbabwe. Although he provides an intimate window into the lives of his country&rsquos citizens, his photographs are indeed borderless. He transcends lesser-known African countries, and comes back with shots both profound and well captured, and captions that hit hard.

Nata&scarona Pavlovic

Nata&scarona Pavlovic is @lostinluxembourg, and thou shalt be too. The Serbian textile designer-cum-surface patternmaker&rsquos feed showers a lot of love to pretty flowers and everything Luxembourgish. She lives near Vianden Castle, in a scenic village 20 minutes from a lake. This makes her account a window to breathtaking European countryside. The pictures are vibrant, postcard-perfect of her country and other travels around the continent.


We&rsquore so glad Mauritian Dhikshay Bhugwant (@jhevin_2112) has a Mavic Pro drone. As seen in his handle, he&rsquos flown it over his country&rsquos waters, beaches and roads, and captured them beautifully. When he isn&rsquot doing that, however, he&rsquos at eye level, making his country&rsquos skies look breathtaking, flowers magical, seas mystical (pic) and just about everything else divine. The way he creates or freezes motion is the working of an excellent photographer.

Adriatik Kelmendi

Adriatik Kelmendi (@adriatikk) is a local hero in Albania. A prominent journalist and opinionist who also runs a TV broadcast, his Twitter handle and blog may be all about social and political commentary, but his Instagram feed is a refreshing escape. The vibrancy of his Balkan surroundings, be it the lush countryside, splendid cityscapes or ultramarine waters, find home in his frames. We like everything we see here&mdashwithout any biases.

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