Five Best Cities For LGBTQ Travellers

Many governments and organisations are taking the necessary steps to make their country safer, friendlier, and more welcoming for LGBTQ travellers
Many cities are increasingly becoming more acceptable of LGBTQ travellers. Credit Shutterstock
Many cities are increasingly becoming more acceptable of LGBTQ travellers. Credit Shutterstock

The world has come far from when people used to segregate and judge people based on their religion, nationality, skin colour, sexuality, and other human-made divisions. Moving ahead in the right direction, many governments and organisations are taking appropriate measures to make their respective countries safer and friendlier for LGBTQ travellers. Here's a look at the top five cities among them.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Netherlands, renowned for its tolerance, became the first nation in the world to legalise gay marriage in 2001. The country's Pride Week is more about partying than protesting because its society places a higher value on appreciating diversity. Reguliersdwarsstraat, one of the most well-known gay streets in the world, is located in Amsterdam&nbspand is lined with vibrant pubs, clubs, and restaurants. It was the first location in Europe where homosexual and straight people partied together in an open and artistic environment in the second half of the 20th century.

Berlin, Germany
One of the most tolerant cities in the world, Berlin has a thriving LGBTQ community. You can find gay pubs and&nbspclubs and homosexual celebrations here. Every summer, the lesbian/gay city festival, CSD on the Spree, and countless other events are held to commemorate Pride Weeks. The annual CSD Berlin is undoubtedly the highlight, with celebrations and equal rights protests that take place on the city's streets.

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Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton is regarded as the UK city with the highest LGBTQ acceptance rate. While Kemptown is the vibrant centre of the LGBTQ community and has a cosy village vibe, you will discover that the entire city of Brighton&nbspis welcoming, with all accommodations, shops, pubs, bars, and clubs being open to everyone. Boutique hotels, trendy restaurants, delectable delis, lifestyle stores, and pubs and bars can all be found in this neighbourhood. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina
In South America, Argentina is regarded as one of the LGBTQ friendly travel destinations. In July 2010, it became the first nation on the continent to allow same-sex marriages with full adoption rights. The LGBTQ communities are well-represented in Argentina's major cities, especially Buenos Aires. Although the city's LGBTQ culture is dispersed around the city, it is concentrated in Palermo, a sizable residential area. Glam Club and Contramano Bear Club in Recoleta, Sitges bar in Palermo, and Pride Café in San Telmo are some of the most incredible places to visit.

Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland is ranked one of the top 20 gay-friendly cities in the world. The scene here is incredibly dynamic, with various bars, clubs, cabaret places, and events. You may spend the evening at the renowned Caluzzi Bar and Cabaret in Auckland or visit one of the city's primary gay pubs, including The Eagle Bar, SPQR or G.A.Y. Auckland Pride 2023 is slated for February, making it a popular LGBTQ vacation spot for visitors from Europe and North America.

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