Eco-Friendly Practices Every Hotel Guest Must Keep In Mind

As hotels turn green with sustainable practices, here's how hotel guests can help
These practices can help you have a sustainable stay
These practices can help you have a sustainable stay

With a rise in conscious travel, globetrotters have turned to eco-friendly stays. As we look up every hotel's energy-efficient practices, waste management strategies and sustainability reports, we must also adopt appropriate eco-friendly practices as guests. Doing so does not just help us give back to the planet and supplements the efforts hotels make to ensure a green stay. The best part is that these practices are just made up of little acts and don't require a lot of effort on your part. Here are all the ways in which you, as a guest, can also make a difference.

Reuse Towels 

When you stay in a hotel, we mindlessly toss away towels simply after just one use&ndashsomething we'd never do at home. One of the best things you can do to ensure that you don't encourage wastage of water is to reuse your towel instead of calling in for new ones every day. Sounds too easy Well, it is the most impactful. Research conducted by NatGeo recorded that laundry accounts for 16 per cent of water usage in a hotel. 

Refill Water Bottles 

Even though hotels are more than happy to send a few extra water bottles on demand, simply refilling an empty bottle can eliminate much plastic waste. Better yet, it is recommended you carry a reusable water bottle and has it filled by the hotel staff whenever you want to. The best part about this is that you can also save money spent on purchasing extra bottles of water per day. 

Remember To Turn Off Lights When Not In Use 

Even though it has become extremely easy to switch off all the electronics by taking out your key card as you leave your room, you may not have that facility at some hotels. In those situations, do remember to switch off the lights and A/C when they are not in use. Even in hotels with a keycard, you must make it a point to turn off the bathroom lights when you're not using them.  

Don't Keep The Tap Running 

Even though this is a bit of advice you've heard everywhere, it applies when staying at a hotel. When staying at a hotel, common concerns escape our minds, and we take most things for granted. We often keep the tap water or shower running even when not in use, which can add to the water wastage in hotels. 

Know Where The Recycling Bins Are

One simple yet impactful step towards reducing waste and preserving the environment is to utilize the recycling bins that can be found in most hotels. Often, when we are away from home, we may not give much thought to the type of bin we dispose of our waste in.

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