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Whether its taking a road trip in New Zealand or going on an adventure in Bolivia, the secret to enjoying a new place is surrendering. Give in to its whims, idiosyncracies, and the little things that make it special
Savi and Vid started blogging nearly ten years ago. Credit Savi and Vid/Website
Savi and Vid started blogging nearly ten years ago. Credit Savi and Vid/Website

Savi and Vid, popularly known as "Bruised Passports," started blogging nearly ten years ago with the dream of exploring the world together and establishing a location-independent lifestyle. After countless flights and dreamy destinations later, Bruised Passports recently chronicled their story in a book by the same name. Here&rsquos an edited extract from the book, where the couple shares some experiences to add to your travel bucket list.

Go on an adventure in Bolivia Bolivia is home to Salar De Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world.
Its remote location makes it ideal for seasoned travellers and photographers. If you enjoy thrilling experiences in the wild, this road trip is for you We set off early one morning in a 4x4, stocked with water, food, snacks, gasoline and oxygen tanks, should we need them We drove on barren land, pebbles and rocks for the next three days. There are no gas stations, shops, or roads here. Infrastructure is non-existent and the sights surreal.

This is one of the most remote, highest, and least populated areas on Earth. There are no traffic signals here but every once in a while you have to halt the car to let the cutest llamas and alpacas cross the road The best part Close to the Chilean border, at 14,000 feet, lies Laguna Colorada&mdasha red- coloured lagoon dotted with flamingoes. One of the most surreal natural wonders of the world, the water here is red because it houses algae that contain carotene, which photosynthesizes with the sun to lend it a red colour.

Live like locals in your favourite part of the world
Most people rush to Europe when they take a gap year or a sabbatical from work. But instead of country-hopping, we would suggest choosing an affordable place where you can stay for longer. Places like Bali and Guatemala are ideal for this kind of slow travel if you&rsquore an Indian passport holder. Travel is not always about seeing new places or ticking countries off a checklist.

Sometimes it is about living like locals, picking up a new language in a place you know well, stopping by at a neighbourhood eatery, or taking a day trip in the vicinity. It&rsquos about letting a place seep into your soul till it becomes a fibre of your very being. We have spent more than twelve months in the past few years in Bali and it has begun to feel like home to us.

Embrace Peruvian culture
Look at this gorgeous smile and let me tell you a story about why you need to visit the villages of Peru for truly special encounters with Peruvians. The Andes have several charming villages and it is possible to spend entire days with local weavers in the Andean mountains&mdash observing their craft, trying one&rsquos hand at weaving and occasionally sharing their lunch. While walking in this tiny village, I also saw this old lady sitting by the stream of water, sifting chaff from quinoa. In my broken Spanish, I asked her if I could take her picture.

&lsquoSi,&rsquo came the answer, along with a nod. When I finally clicked the photograph and went over to show it to her, she laughed as if it was the first time she had seen her own picture, her face blushing. And then she said, shyly, &lsquoUno m&aacutes por favor (One more please)&rsquo

This time when I retreated to take her picture, I could see her eyes trained on the camera, the plate tilted to allow the grains to fall just so and a cheeky smile on her face. It turned out to be an amazing shot, and guess what, she nodded in agreement when I showed her this one.

Switch up the seasons
Everyone rushes to Switzerland during summer months but we suggest visiting during the winters to experience the country at its finest. Iconic mountain peaks, scenic chalets, quaint villages blanketed with snow, hand-crafted cheeses, bespoke chocolates and some of the prettiest drives in the world&mdasha winter trip in Switzerland ticks all the boxes

Marvel at aurora borealis in Lapland

Reindeer sleigh rides, glaciers, igloos and Northern Lights&mdasha trip to Lapland is bound to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure If you have young kids or just like your holidays peppered with magic and fairy dust, then choose Finnish Lapland. Finnish Lapland is a truly phenomenal corner of the world. The air is clear (no pollution here), water is sugary sweet, the sky sparkles with thousands of stars and the snow-laden landscape seduces people into thinking this is paradise. It could well be. Lapland is a winter wonderland where reindeer, huskies, scarlet sunrises and Northern Lights all come together to create magic.

Discover a little-known country
In the day and age of the mighty internet, it is hard to find surprises while travelling. Every little attraction has been documented or photographed by someone or the other. Perhaps that is why we enjoyed our trip to Azerbaijan so much&mdashit was after a long time that we visited a country where there were surprises at every corner. We went expecting high-rises in Baku and historical treasures in the countryside. But we met amazing people, saw natural wonders, visited the northernmost villages of Europe and had some of the best meals we&rsquove had in a while travelling. As a former member of the USSR, Azerbaijan has a fraught history. The capital Baku has undergone a huge resurgence over the past ten years. Shopping malls, high- rises, luxury hotels and a picture-perfect promenade&mdashyou&rsquoll find it all here.

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