K-Drama Addict 5 Amazing Filming Spots To Visit In South Korea

Add the scenic locales of popular Korean drama series to your travel bucket list
Gyeongbokgung Palace has a long-standing history   Photo credit Wikimedia Commons
Gyeongbokgung Palace has a long-standing history Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

K-dramas have become a huge hit across the world. You would have to be living under a rock if you have not heard of Korean shows such as Crash Landing on You (CLOY). Televised globally on OTT platforms, these have become global hits.As an avid K-pop and K-drama fan, visiting iconic filming locations is one of your top priorities during your trip to Korea. You might not meet your favourite actors, but at least you can recreate your favourite scenes they&rsquore in. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace 

Built in 1395 during the Joseon dynasty, Gyeongbokgung Palace is a magnificent site that served as a filming location for many historical K-dramas such as Kingdom, Goong, The Last Empress, and The Moon Embracing the Sun.&nbspOne of the most iconic sights in Korea, the Gyenongbokung Palace has a long-standing history. The main and the largest palace of the Joseon dynasty, it was built in 1395. The name Gyenongbokgung literally translates to &lsquopalace greatly blessed by heaven&rsquo and is interestingly located right in the heart of the city, surrounded by Mount Bugaksan and Mount Namsan. Visitors with a keen interest in history and culture can also visit the National Palace Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum of Korea, located on the palace grounds.

Hallasan National Park, South Korea

Although Se-Ri crash landed in North Korea in the series Crash Landing on You, actual shooting took place in this South Korean national park in the island of Jeju. Part of the Jeju Biosphere Reserve, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. There are several hiking trails inside the park. According to experienced visitors, those who want to reach the summit of the Hallasan Mountain must arrive early for the ascent as park authorities often restrict late arrivals to ensure everybody is able to come down before sundown. Taxis are available from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to the eastern side of the mountain.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Seoul&rsquos rustic gem, Bukchon Hanok village is right up your alley if you&rsquore looking to immerse yourself in the local culture. With traditional homes built in a specific architectural style and incorporating elements like curved roofs and ondol flooring, it&rsquos a sight straight out of a Korean drama. Several K-dramas have been filmed&nbspat locations here.&nbspOne of the most famous is the Sanggojae, the house which was the featured as the residence of Park Gae-in&rsquos (Son Ye-jin) in the Korean drama Personal Taste/Perfect Match&rdquo. One can rent a hanbok, the traditional Korean attire, here and get snapping right away. Offering a slice of the Korean way of life, the myriad colours will keep you hooked. Visitors can also pick up a souvenir or two at throwaway prices. The Bukchon Hanok village is also home to a series of murals and paintings that showcase a blend of Korean, Chinese and western styles and compliment the intricate workmanship of the hanok.

Taean, South Korea
About three hours&rsquo drive from Seoul will take you to this village which served as the home of Ri Jeong Hyeok in Crash Landing on You. Travellers can visit the village walking through it is like walking through the sets, write bloggers who have been there.

Busan, South Korea
Remember the hotel in Pyongyang where Se-ri meets Gu Seung Joon in Crash Landing on You You may also stay there but you just have to remember to ask for the Commodore Hotel in Busan, located on the south-eastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Busan is known for its beaches, mountains and temples.

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