5 Marathons In The Most Picturesque Settings

Participating in these marathons offers runners the chance to traverse stunning landscapes, from majestic mountains to scenic coasts and lush rainforests, creating an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience
5 Marathons In The Most Picturesque Settings
5 Marathons In The Most Picturesque Settings

Marathons are more than just challenging races they are opportunities to connect with nature's beauty while pushing the limits of human endurance. For avid runners and adventure enthusiasts, participating in marathons amidst stunning landscapes can be an unforgettable experience. Here, we take you on a virtual tour of five of the most picturesque marathons that promise a memorable running experience and breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.

The Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway

The Midnight Sun Marathon takes place in Troms, Norway, 400 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. The marathon is held during Norway's peak season for the "midnight sun," when the sun never sets. This one-of-a-kind race allows you to run in the middle of the night while the sun is still visible over the horizon. After all, few people can say they've run during the day while it was night. The events on offer are the Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon, Coop Mila (10k), MSM Mini Marathon (4,2k), and Kids Marathon (800m).

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Pangong Frozen Lake Marathon, Ladakh

Part of the stunning Pangong Tso Lake lies in Ladakh, while the rest falls in Tibet. The setting of the lake provides a splendid paradox &mdash clear blue waters of astonishing beauty set against the backdrop of vast expanses of brown, cold desert. In February 2023, the lake hosted the first frozen lake marathon in India, which aims to highlight the cause of environmental sustainability through sports. The Guinness Book of World Records officially recognised it as the World's Highest Frozen Lake Half Marathon. The 21.9 km half marathon started in Lukung village and ended in Maan village. Countries like Norway and Russia have hosted frozen lake marathons, where runners traverse an arduous route over a frozen lake. However, none of these races has been held at an altitude of 13,862ft, making it the first marathon in the world to take place at such a height.

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The Kauai Marathon, Hawaii

The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon occur against the backdrop of one of Hawaii's most beautiful locales. Participants run along beautiful beaches and take in breathtaking ocean and mountain views. The run begins at Poipu and follows the contour of the gorgeous coastline, providing spectacular vistas of picturesque beaches, steep volcanic peaks, and tropical rainforests. 

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The Two Oceans Marathon, South Africa

The Two Oceans Marathon route connects the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on the Cape Peninsula, including ultramarathon and half-marathon options. The 56km ultramarathon route takes participants around the Cape Peninsula on a stunning marathon route that is frequently considered the most beautiful in the world. The path provides views of gorgeous rugged mountains and exquisite shorelines and Chapman's Peak Drive, where you may see dolphins leaping out at sea, lovely hamlets, bobbing fishing boats, and surfers.

Patagonian International Marathon, Chile

The first marathon to be held at Torres del Paine National Park, the Patagonian International Marathon, began in 2012. Hosted in September, it takes you on a tour of Chile's Patagonia region's breathtaking scenery snow-capped mountains, glistening blue lakes, and deep tropical rainforests. While running the route in Torres del Paine National Park, you could encounter a variety of animals, including guanacos, foxes, and pumas. The classic race distances are 42km (marathon) and 21km (half-marathon).  

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