A Day Out In Kala Ghoda What To Do, Where To Shop And Where To Dine

Mumbais Kala Ghoda glitters with a thriving art scene, unique boutiques, and jazzy cafes. Weve penned a perfect days plan for you so that you dont miss out on anything
The iconic Kala Ghoda statue
The iconic Kala Ghoda statue

With quaint cafes, art galleries, and happening restaurants, Kala Ghoda in Mumbai has all that and more. The area adds to Mumbai&rsquos cool quotient. If you want to know what&rsquos trending in the city, be it in the world of fashion, music and food, make your way here, and you&rsquoll know. At the same time, because it&rsquos nestled right in the heart of South Bombay, you can also soak in the old-world charm of no-fuss Parsi cafes and colonial architecture. Here&rsquos what you can explore throughout the day at Kala Ghoda 

Begin Early 

Although Kala Ghoda shines vibrantly at any hour of the day, early mornings here are extra special&ndashthere are no long queues or cars and bikes to dodge while you walk. It&rsquos the best time to explore the marvellous buildings and colourful facades dotting this area without any rush.

Elphinstone College

Start from the Regal Circle on MG road, and then head towards the NGMA and Elphinstone college and David Sassoon Library and Reading Room to take in the beauty of Venetian-Gothic architecture. Keep walking along MG road to keep uncovering South Bombay&rsquos vintage architecture. On your way, you must grab a hearty Parsi breakfast consisting of Salli&nbspPar Edu, Masala Akuri, and Irani Chai at Jimmy Boy.  

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Breakfast at Jimmy Boy (seen here Salli Par Edu, Masala Omelette and Keema Ghotala)

Soak In The Colours 

A big Bawa breakfast is the best way to fuel yourself to discover Kala Ghoda&rsquos thriving art scene. The area not only boasts decades-old, enormous art galleries but also empowers the local artscape through pavement galleries. The street leading to the famous Jehangir Art Gallery is lined with artworks made by young artists that you can even purchase to jazz up your walls. 

Young artists display their work along the pavement 

If you want to see the celebrated works of world-renowned artists, head to Jehangir Art Gallery from there. It has been here since 1952 and is a prime space that celebrates the art world&rsquos pioneering works. From new to old, contemporary to classic, you will find numerous incredible and awe-inspiring works in different mediums. 

Inside Jehangir Art Gallery

Because this gallery is spread over two floors, viewing the whole collection may take a while. But don&rsquot rush&ndashtake it slow and immerse yourself in this world. Once you&rsquove seen everything, hit the streets and head to either Rampart row or Ropewalk lane to see the bright murals that cover the walls of the streets. These two areas are also lined with excellent cafes and restaurants&ndashthe Kala Ghoda Cafe, The Nutcracker, and the Bakehouse Cafe are top favourites. 

Shop, Eat, Drink

Whether you are searching for a quirky accent for that empty corner in your home, a cool art print to go up on your wall, or a designer wear fit for every occasion&ndashyou can find it all. The narrow lanes of Kala Ghoda have many small boutiques and stores of more popular brands you can shop from.

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Yazdani Bakery 

Afterwards, head to one of the oldest bakeries, Yazdani Bakery, for Irani chai and brun maska (buttered buns) to recover from shopping therapy. The cafe has a slow vibe, and it is no surprise if it makes you feel like you may never want to leave, but Kala Ghoda&rsquos nightlife is not to be missed&ndashget your spirits high at 145 Kala Ghoda or HYDE bar and restaurant.

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