The Best of Tripura

From the enormous bas-reliefs of Unakoti to the stunning Nirmahal Palace, Tripura is the dream destination for travellers
The Best of Tripura

In northern Tri&shypura lies a stunning site of great art-historical impor&shytance, the bas-reliefs of Unakoti. A small local stream called the Chawra runs through a system of rocky outcrops, where, over a period of time from roughly the 8th to the 12th centuries CE, successive cultures had carved grace&shyful images into the rocks, some of which are gigan&shytic. The most famous bas-reliefs are the massive face-sculptures of an anonymous deity by a se&shyries of waterfalls, as well as graceful sculptures of dancing women, hunting archers, animals, beautiful motif designs, a beautiful Vishnu and even a group of giant war-like Ganeshas. Located about 140km north of Agartala near Kailasahar.

In an island in the middle of the massive Rudrasagar lake in western Tripura is the stunning palace of Nirmahal. It was built by Martin and Burn for King Bir Bikram Kishore of the erstwhile Dhanya Manikya royal family in 1930 and the whitewashed palace is quite an idiosyncratic mix of architectural styles, from Mughal arches and Rajasthani jharokhas to even a hint of a Banarasi haveli. Measuring some 5.3 sq km, Rudrasagar is one of the largest lakes in the state, and the magnifi&shycent palace, divided into two sections, the andar- mahal and a recreational area, and seems to be out of a fairytale. The palace is situated 53km from Agartala and 20km from Udaipur.

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