The Best of Telangana

From the awe-inspiring Thousand Pillar Temple in Warangal to Hyderabad, the capital of culture, we bring you the best of Telangana
The Best of Telangana

Most re&shycently in the news for mak&shying it to the next round of &lsquosmart cities&rsquo to be devel&shyoped in the country, Wa&shyrangal has been holding its own for several centuries anyway. The city has a lot to offer the visitor. Top of the list is the 12th-century Warangal Fort, capital of the Kakatiya dynasty. Oth&shyer sites of historical inter&shyest include the Thousand Pillar and Padmakshi tem&shyples, both in nearby Hana&shymakonda. The Bhadrakali temple is situated on a hill&shytop between Warangal and Hanamakonda. If you&rsquore willing to make trips out of the city, there&rsquos the Ra&shymappa Temple and the Laknavaram Lake. Waran&shygal is a major rail junction the nearest airport is Hyder&shyabad (130km).

The new capital of Telangana is an old capital of culture. But like all great cities, it is many things to many peo&shyple. For the historically minded, a must-see list would include the em&shyblematic Charminar, built in 1591 by the city&rsquos found&shyer Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah the Golconda Fort the Taramati Baradari and the Chow Mohalla Palace. The religiously inclined should head to Birla Man&shydir. Genuflectors to moder&shynity should visit Hitec City and Ramoji Film City. Those with kids should head to Ocean Park or Snow World. Everyone should eat well&mdashnihari at Hotel Shadab haleem at Shah Ghouse Café... Hyder&shyabad is connected to all ma&shyjor cities by air, road and rail.

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