Places in India to enjoy cable car rides

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Places in India to enjoy cable car rides

Ambaji, Gujarat
The temple on Gabbar hill, located near the Gujarat-Rajasthan border, is said to be the original abode of goddess Amba from where she descended to the temple where she resides now. &nbspYou can either take the 300 stone steps to walk uphill or take the cable car.

Auli, Uttarakhand
The cable car connects the slopes of Auli with Joshimath (250km from Rishikesh). Perched at 3010 meter, Auli is known as a paragliding and skiing destination. Enjoy a panoramic view of the snow peaks as the cable car makes its nearly 4-km journey in 1-20 minutes, ascending 1110 meters.

Dhuandhar, Madhya Pradesh
Located at a distance of nearly 25km, this is the point where the Narmada River jumps down the cliff in full force the spray arising from the water looks like a cloud, hence the name. Except during the monsoon, the cable car operates daily, 10.30am-6.30pm.

Darjeeling, West Bengal
Said to be India&rsquos first cable car, built in 1968, the Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car has been upgraded since then but its operation is irregular. The cable car&rsquos route extends from Singmari (about 3km from Darjeeling&rsquos Chowk Bazar) to Singla Bazar, in 45 minutes, across the valley of the Little Rangeet River, with intermediate stops at the Tukvar tea estate and Burnesbeg village. But later, its route was truncated and the cable car returned from Tukvar. The cable car is a popular attraction when in operation. Hence, be prepared to stand in long queues for a ride.

Deoghar, Jharkhand
Also called the gagan khatola, the cable car travels between the base and the top of the Trikut Hill, 15km away from Deoghar. It takes about 10 minutes and you are likely to be charged extra if you overstay at the top. The Trikut Hill is associated with tales from the Ramayana and three peaks are symbolic of the Hindu triumvirate &ndash Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar.

Dongargarh, Chhattisgarh
At a distance of 40km from Rajnandgaon and about 100km from Raipur, Dongargarh is famous for its temples dedicated to goddess Bambleshwari. You can go up to the hill top Badi Bambleshwari temple by taking the staircase (about a 1000 steps) or taking a 10-minute ride in the cable car be prepared for a long wait for the cable car during the temple festivals when pilgrims from Chhattisgarh are joined by pilgrims from neighbouring Maharashtra.

Gangtok, Sikkim
Although the cable car only travels for a very short distance, on a clear day, it offers a pleasant view of Gangtok town below and the faraway mountains. The less than km long cable car travels from the Deorali Market to Tashiling with a stop at Namnam in between. Be prepared to stand in a long queue during peak tourist season.

Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir
Gulmarg, in Jammu and Kashmir, is known for its meadows, which turn into an excellent ski-ground in winter. The two-part cable car or Gulmarg Gondola as it is popularly known runs from Gulmarg to Kungdoor and then from Kungdoor to Aparwath. You can buy tickets online ( but have to obtain the boarding pass from the designated counter 15 minutes prior to journey time the boarding passes are usually valid for three hours but if you board from 2-3pm, the pass will be valid upto 5pm. If you plan to ride both the phases, you have to walk for a short distance you can hire a sledge but reportedly, the charges are quite high for the short distance.

Haridwar, Uttarakhand
In Haridwar, you have a choice of two cable car rides &ndash one up to the Mansa Devi Temple and the other to the Chandi Devi Temple. The rides are of a few minutes only but the queue to board can be long. 

Jivdani, Maharashtra
Less than a 100km from Mumbai, the temple is located on a hill in Virar town. Dedicated to goddess Jivdani, the temple can be reached by climbing a staircase with over a 1000 steps or by the cable car. From the top, you can get a bird&rsquos eye view of the countryside, including the Vaitarna River.

Kailashgiri, Andhra Pradesh
Located in Vishakhapatnam, the Kailashgiri Hill is a very popular tourist attraction. At the top, you will find a sprawling garden with two huge idols of Shiva and Parvati smiling benignly on the visitors. From the view point, you can see the town&rsquos beach lapped by the gentle waves. You can drive uphill or take the cable car that runs from a point near the Appu Ghar junction and terminates at the Telescope viewpoint on the hill top.

Maihar, Madhya Pradesh
Maihar, the home of the legendary musician Ustad Allauddin Khan and the birthplace of the Maihar gharana of classical music, is about 42km from Satna and nearly 160km from Jabalpur. Trikuta Hill, about 5km from the centre of Maihar town, is known for its temple dedicated to goddess Sharada. While some pilgrims still climb the 1000 stairs to reach the top of the hill, others take the cable car to the top.

Malampuzha, Kerala
Popularly known as the Malampuzha udan khatola, this cable car runs parallel to the dam. The 20-minute ride allows a good view of the dam and the adjoining garden. The cable car operates from 10am-6pm.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
One of the most popular touristy attractions of Mussoorie is Gun Hill. Take the cable car ride to the top. On a clear day, you will see the surrounding hills. Clicking photographs in traditional attire is an all-time favourite activity here.

Nainadevi, Himachal Pradesh
About 100km from Chandigarh, the hill top Naina Devi temple in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh is a popular Devi shrine. One can drive up close to the temple and then either walk up or take the cable car (locally known as the rajju marg) to the top. On the way up, you can see the faraway Dhauladhar range, Anandpur Sahib and Govindsagar.  

Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh
About 35km from Chandigarh, Parwanoo is located in the Shiwalik hills and is a popular tourist town. The cable car is operated by a private resort.

Pavagadh, Gujarat
The Pavagadh hill rises at one end of Champaner town (about 45km away from Vadodara) and together they are a Unesco World Heritage Site. At the top of the hill is a temple dedicated to goddess Kali. According to visitors, the general maintenance and cleanliness are not up to the mark.

Raigad, Maharashtra
At a distance of 150km from Pune, Raigad was the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Apart from the various gates and quarters, the most visited spot is the Samadhi Mandir of Shivaji. The sprawling hill fort can be reached by a steep climb of nearly 1500 steps or by the cable car. Visitors can avail the package that includes a visit to the museum at the lower station and a film show.

Rajgir, Bihar
Lord Buddha would reside at the Ratnagiri Hill of Rajgir during the monsoon and preach from here. After his death, the first International Buddhist Council to compile his teachings was held here. To commemorate the 2,500 years of the first Council, the Japanese Buddhist Association built a beautiful stupa here. A single-seating aerial chairlift will take you to the top. The chairlift operates on all days, except Thursdays.

Salkanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Salkanpur, about 70km from Bhopal, is known for its temple dedicated to goddess Durga Beejasan. The hill-top temple can be reached by a staircase consisting of 1000 stairs or the cable car that offers a pleasant view of the countryside below.

Saputara, Gujarat
A popular attraction of Saputara, the cable car will take you up to the Sunset Point. The 15-minute ride offers a wide view of the town, the lake and the hills.

Solang, Himachal Pradesh
Tucked inside the coniferous forest and surrounded by the Himalayan peaks, Solang, about 14km north of Manali, is a popular picnic point and a ski slope in winter. The cable car will take you to the Mount Phatru ridge, perched at 10,000 feet.

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
Hari Parbat or the Koh-e-Maran overlooks Srinagar town of Jammu and Kashmir. The shrine of saint Sultanul Aarifeen Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom is located here. There is also a temple dedicated to goddess Sharika. The Gurudwara Chhattipadshahi is also located here. There is a cable car that goes up to the top of the hill. But check if it is operational currently.

Srisailam, Telangana
At a distance of about 212km from Hyderabad, Srisailam in the Nallamalai Hills is located on the bank of the Krishna River.  It is home to god Mallikarjuna and his consort goddess Bhramaramba. Even if you are not religiously inclined, you can enjoy the green hills and boating in the river. The cable car ride from the town to the boat jetty is rather convenient. You can choose a package when buying the cable car ticket the ride with the option to go boating seems to be the most popular option. Just be careful on the path connecting the cable car station with the jetty.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
One of the recent cable cars to go operational, it travels from Tawang Monastery to Gyangyong Ani Gonpa, covering a distance of a little more than a km in 20 minutes. Monks (and children below 10 years) pay a reduced rate. The ropeway does not operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Udaipur, Rajasthan
One of the latest attractions of Udaipur, the cable car has been introduced to ease the difficult climb to the Karni Mata Temple on the Machhala Hill. As the cable car travels from one hill top to another, you can catch a grand view of the lake and the city&rsquos palaces and forts. You can also make a trip to catch the sunset from the Machhala hill top. A word of caution from recent visitors &ndash the temple area is not well maintained and you have to be careful. The cable car operates from 9am-9pm.

Note Before you plan to take a cable car ride, check with the local tourism authorities if the cable cars are well maintained and safe, if they are operational at the time of your visit and if there is any restriction on age of accompanying children. Most cable cars take in four to six people so, if you are a large group, decide beforehand how to split the group. Be careful while getting in and getting off the cable cars.

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