Insider Picks Top 5 heritage destinations

Founder and chairman of Neemrana Hotels, Aman Nath who is also an architectural restorer and writers picks out his favourite heritage haunts from around the world
Insider Picks Top 5 heritage destinations

1. The Luberon, South Of France
A civilised countryside dotted with Roman ruins and French architec&shyture&mdashfrom churches and ch&acircteaus to hamlets&mdashnot everything here has been ruined with progress. Charming roads wind through the region, leading you inevitably to great food and warm people.

2. Anatolia, Turkey
It&rsquos a wondrous landscape with signs of early human habitation. In fact, Cappadocia, in central Anatolia, has no equal. Where else can you stay in tuff (or soft rock) caves

3. Rajasthan, India
It&rsquos our Valley of the Loire, magni&shyfied seven times From the very green Udaipur to the very arid Jodhpur, semi-arid Jaipur to Jaisalmer-Bikaner off the dunes, there&rsquos an astonishing range of set&shytings for its amazing properties.

4. Florence, Italy
How much more civilised, and closely integrated, can heritage and life be The crucible of the world&rsquos best art and architecture, it&rsquos where even a touristy arch bridge like Ponte Vecchio doesn&rsquot fail to charm.

5. Seville, Spain
Where life continues within the historical precincts as if nothing&rsquos changed&hellip You flow with history here. With medieval architecture and sports like bullfighting, there&rsquos a surprise (or vaulted ceiling) tucked away in every corner of this labyrinth of walkways.

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