10 Visa Friendly Islands for Indian Passport Holders

Always imagined living the island life Look no further than these islands that are visa-friendly for Indians
10 Visa Friendly Islands for Indian Passport Holders

Living the island life has always been a dream. Wake up at leisure, head to the beach to relax and swim, eat freshly-caught fish thats been cooked to perfection, finish your reading list, run on the sand, end the day with delicious cocktails. Isn't that what a lazy holiday looks like on the islands

While travelling with an Indian passport can sometimes prove to be difficult due to requirements of visas, we have it easy in many islands across the world that provide either visa-free entries or visa on arrival. Pack you bags, book a ticket and just go to these gorgeous islands You wont regret the decision

Visit these 10 islands that are visa-friendly for Indian travellers


The fourth-largest island in the world, Madagascar is located off the coast of East Africa. Its isolated location of so long has resulted in the islands unique flora and fauna which is a top draw for visitors. For traveller with an Indian visa, Madagascar offers visa on arrival which is very helpful. Your passport needs to be valid for six months and the tourist visa is available for a maximum 30-day stay free of cost


The tiny island in the Indian Ocean is famous for gorgeous beaches, reefs and lagoons. The tropical island is more famous for honeymooning couples but its natural beauty such as the coloured dunes (Seven Coloured Earth) and Chamarel Waterfall are also big attractions. For Indians, visa is not required Just book your tickets and fly out. But do remember you will need a confirmed return ticket within 60 days.


Another famous honeymoon spot for couples around the world, the tropical islands of Maldives are often picture postcard perfect. The blue waters, coral islands and virgin beaches are a hit among visitors. With an Indian passport, when visiting Maldives, no pre-arrival visa is required A 30-day visa will be issued provided one has all documents sorted.


The group of islands off the coast of East Africa are famous for sandy beaches and natural reserves. One of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world, Indians who wish to visit Seychelles have it pretty easy. Wish to head to the topaz waters and talcum-powder beaches A 30-day visa is issued free of cost to Indian passport holders


One of the most famous group of islands in Polynesia, Samoa is made up of volcanic islands. While its red-bordered beaches and rainforests are a major draw, the island culture is also very exciting for visitors to experience. The good thing for Indian passport holders is that they can obtain an entry or transit permit for maximum 60 days upon arrival.


The Caribbean island nation filled with lush green tropical forests, mountains and reef-lined beaches is home to athletics star Usain Bolt Head there to find great diving or snorkelling spots. If you love reggae, Jamaica is definitely the island on your must-visit list. For Indians, entry to Jamaica does not require a tourist visa for 14 days if you have a valid passport


The archipelago of over 300 islands has become a famous honeymoon destination among Indian tourists. Snorkel in the coral reefs or sun tan on the palm tree-lined beaches as you soak in the Fijian atmosphere. The Oceania island is easy access for Indians because no tourist visa is required for stay upto 120 days

Saint Kitts and Nevis

The two Carribean islands are on travel wish lists for unique beaches The former sugar plantations on the islands have been converted into inns for tourists as they enjoy and explore the rainforests and wildlife prevalent on the island. For Indian visitors, no visa is required for stay upto 30 days

Cook Islands

The nation in the South Pacific has 15 scattered islands over a vast area. The islands offer tourists tons of activities that range from snorkelling to scuba-diving. One can explore the vast lagoon and various coral reefs while also have a good time at the islands and discover the local way of life. Indian travellers do not require a tourist visa for upto 31 days of stay


The least-visited country in the world is a collection of nine islands sitting halfway between Australia and Hawaii. Tuvalu is a hidden treasure if you find the remote country. Ideal for rest and relaxation, Tuvalu offers tourists vast and fascinating marine life. One can also experience true Polynesian culture here in terms of art,culture and crafts. Indians are required to hold a valid passport and are usually granted visa on arrival for a month provided one has proof of documents, tickets and sufficient funds.

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