Why You Should Sign Up For This Zero Waste Run In Kalimpong, West Bengal

The Freedom Run is more than just a sporting event it is a strong platform for community engagement and an excellent demonstration of circular economy concepts
Why You Should Sign Up For This Zero Waste Run In Kalimpong, West Bengal
Why You Should Sign Up For This Zero Waste Run In Kalimpong, West Bengal

Marathons and runs have become bucket-list items for both novice and competitive runners. If you are an avid runner, then this one is for you. The second edition of the Freedom Run, an annual 10km race, is being held in the picturesque hills of&nbspKalimpong in the Eastern Himalayas. The Kalimpong District Police are organising this zero waste event in partnership with the Neora Valley Sustainable Ecological Society, TIEEDI, Muhaan, and the West Bengal Pollution Control Board. 

This one-of-a-kind event takes place in Jaldhaka, on the Indo-Bhutan border, and offers participants breathtaking vistas of the Bhutan Hills and the gorgeous Jaldhaka River. 

A Sustainable Event

Freedom Run is more than just a sporting event it is a strong community engagement and empowerment platform. It is an excellent demonstration of circular economy concepts through a collaborative effort with the Jaldhaka community. The Freedom Run is a zero-waste, community-driven event that engages the local community. The organisers ensure low waste generation by partnership with local people, each with specific duties. They also buy organic, locally grown food and train neighbourhood youngsters to implement zero-waste rules by advocating the practical application of zero-waste ideas. They hope the event will be a positive inspiration, demonstrating that large-scale zero-waste events are feasible and attainable.

About Jaldhaka

The valley gets its name from the river across it, Jaldhaka. Also known as the Dichu, it is a 233-kilometre-long transboundary river that runs through India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. The river flows from Bitang Lake, known as Kupup Lake, near the Jelep La Pass in Sikkim's Gangtok District. Notably, the area is home to India's second oldest dam, the Jaldhaka Hydel Project, a cooperative venture between India and Bhutan. The dam is located near Bindu, India's last village. Furthermore, Jholung Bazar serves as the region's principal market and was previously shared by India and Bhutan. The area is noted for its fantastic splendour throughout the year, with views of the Himalayan snow peaks, the green hills of Bhutan in the distance, and the river dancing over boulders and rocks. Many bird species live in the forests and along the riverbanks. The region is also noted for its medicinal plants and orange, cardamom, and ginger plantations. There are many views from which to get a birds-eye perspective of the hills and valleys.

About Muhaan

Muhaan is a social enterprise that aims to provide eco-friendly, sustainable, and alternative livelihoods to the people of the last mile.


TIEEDI is an environmental conservation organisation based in Darjeeling's Sonada area in West Bengal. Their work focuses on experiential environmental education, regenerative tourism, natural farming, decentralised waste management solutions, and sustainable land and building design consulting. 

The Information

The second edition of Freedom Run is scheduled for August 6, 2023.

Jaldhaka can be reached from Siliguri (90 km) and Kalimpong (135 km). The nearest rail station is Malbazar. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, about 100 km away.

Find more info about the event here.

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