Up For Lakeside Vacation Here Are Five Lakes In Uttarakhand You Can Choose From

We have hand-picked some of the best lakes in Uttarakhand to assist you with your next lakeside vacation.
Uttarakhand Lakes
Uttarakhand Lakes

Are you looking for a lakeside vacation Uttarakhand offers some of the most beautiful lakes in India that are ideal for the dreamy vacation you've always wanted. Most of these lakes are encircled by meadows, and hills and others are high up in the mountains. These lakes, with their intriguing back stories, are a sight to behold.

We have hand-picked some of the best lakes in Uttarakhand to assist you with your next lakeside vacation.

Deoria Tal 

Deoria Tal is accessible after an hour and a half hike up Sari village on the Ukhimath-Chopta Road. The walk to the lake is a quick and takes a route that is popular with trekkers. Deoria Tal is surrounded by beautiful woods and meadows and is one of the most significant places to observe the spectacular Chaukhamba, Nikantha, Bandarpoonch, Kedar Range, and Kalanag peaks. According to Hindu mythology, gods, or devtas, bathed in this lake.

Kedar Tal 

Kedar Tal is a glacier lake located 18 kilometres from Gangotri in the Uttarkashi area, perched at an elevation of 5000 metres. Kedar Tal, one of Uttarakhand's most beautiful lakes, offers a fantastic view of Thalayasagar Peak (6900 metres). The hiking path sees pristine white snow is winters and is wildly popular with trekkers and locals alike. 

Satopanth Tal 

Satopanth is another renowned lake in Uttarakhand located in the Himalayas and is of religious value.. According to mythology, it was here that Bheema was refused admittance to paradise. Sathopanth extends further to Swargarohini peak, form where Yudhisthira and the dog following him are said to have entered heaven.

The hike to this Uttarakhand lake is truly stunning, as are the surrounding quiet settings. Because there are few rest stops or settlements nearby, sleeping under the stars is the only alternative.

Bhulla Tal 

Bhulla Tal, located in the serene surroundings  of Lansdowne, is a well-maintained artificial lake that also acts as a prominent tourist attraction in the city. The lake, surrounded by hills and vegetation, is a great area to spend time with friends and family.

The Indian Army maintains the lake which is located within the cantonment area. If you're searching for peace and calm, this lake in Uttarakhand is the place to be.

Sattal Lake 

Sattal, a collection of seven lakes - Panna Tal or Garud Tal, Naldamyanti Tal, Hanuman Tal, Sita Tal, Ram Tal, Laxman Tal, Sukha Tal or Bharat Tal - is one of Uttarakhand's lesser-known destinations. Birdwatchers usually visit it since the surrounding woodland is home to a thriving population of both resident and migratory species. Sita Tal is an excellent site for boating, and there are many good camping spots around.

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