5 Northeastern States Where The Inner Line Permit Is Mandatory

India's travel landscape is diverse and regulated by Inner Line Permits issued by the government or relevant authorities. These permits are necessary to enter protected areas near India's international borders
Representative image, Photo credit Unsplash
Representative image, Photo credit Unsplash

India's travel landscape, with its rich diversity, is subject to a unique set of regulations. Specific locations within the country demand entry permits due to their sensitive nature. Known as Inner Line Permits (ILPs), these official travel documents, issued by the Government of India or relevant state/regional authorities, are necessary for non-native individuals to venture into protected areas for a limited period of time. This permit system assists officials in controlling the movement of people in specific regions near India's international borders.

Initially introduced by the British, the ILP continues to hold significance in contemporary India, as it safeguards the borders and interests of tribal communities. The ILP is issued for both short-term visits and extended stays, including for employment purposes. Here is a look at the Northeastern states where an official permit is required for entry.


Sikkim has a wide range of attractions to marvel at. However, among these beautiful sights, places like the Tsomgo-Baba Mandir trip, the Singalila trek, the NathuLa Pass tour etc., come under the protected areas, requiring travellers to seek entry permits. Click here&nbspfor more details.


With charming landscapes, Mizoram is home to several tribes, including Lushei, Ralte, Hmar, Paihte, and Pawi (or Poi). The state government issues an Inner Line Permit for non-natives to protect tribals' interests. Click here for more details.


Known for its picturesque landscapes, Nagaland is a landlocked state surrounded by Myanmar, Assam, Manipur, and Arunachal Pradesh. The state is a cauldron of tourist attractions and distinct customs. However, to enter here, tourists require an entry pass, which protects the sanctity of the areas near the international border. Click&nbsphere&nbspfor more details. 

Arunachal Pradesh

While discovering more than 500 species of Orchids is a postcard-worthy experience in Arunachal Pradesh, this land of dawn-lit mountains shares a common border with China, Myanmar and Bhutan. The border sensitivity of the state brings it under the select NE states requiring travellers to get entry permits. Click here&nbspfor more details.


Manipur introduced the entry permit clause reportedly in 2020. Travellers can avail of this entry permit in four ways&mdashtemporary, regular, special and labour permits. Click here&nbspfor more details.

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