Hills You Should Head To The Next Time You Are In Bihar
Hills You Should Head To The Next Time You Are In Bihar

Hills You Should Head To The Next Time You Are In Bihar

In addition to famous tourist spots like Nalanda and Gaya, Bihar has some must-visit hills that will surely impress the traveller in you

Do you know that Bihar has many attractions beyond the popular destinations such as Bodhgaya and Nalanda Yes, you read it right. Bihar, which was once considered the centre of political and cultural power and a haven of learning, has some must-visit hills that will surely impress the traveller in you. Here's a look at five of them.

Rajgir Hills

Located in the Nalanda district, Rajgir is known for its picturesque views and as a historical and religious centre for Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. It is surrounded by five hills Ratnagiri, Vipulachal, Vaibhavagiri, Songiri and Udaygiri. These hills are mainly associated with the life of the Buddha, who is believed to have taught there. The place also has a single-person ropeway that is said to be the oldest in the country. It runs at the top of Ratnagiri Hill and leads to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa and the Makhdoom Kund. Earlier this year, a zoo safari, a transparent glass bridge, and a new gondola ropeway were inaugurated to boost tourism at Rajgir.

How to reach Private and state-run buses connect Rajgir to Patna, Gaya, Nalanda, etc.

Best time to visit October-March

Bateshwar Hills
Situated in the Bhagalpur district, the Bateshwar Hills are located 6km south of the town of Kursela. The main attraction here is the Bateshwarnath Temple, which was constructed in the 7th century, and is now a protected site by the Archaeological Survey of India. Also, since the Ganga flows northward here, the temple is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus.

How to reach Public transport is available from Kahalgaon, 10km from Bateshwar Hills.

Best time to visit July-August and October-March

Brahmajuni Hill
You can witness some historic caves at the Brahmajuni Hills, where you can explore the alluring carvings engraved on the stone walls. Also, according to legend, this is the place where Buddha delivered his fire sermon to a thousand priests who were his followers and wanted to achieve enlightenment. You will have to climb a thousand stone steps to reach the top of the hill, where you can get a magnificent look at the city of Gaya.

How to reach Take a public or private ride from the town of Gaya, which is 4km away from Brahmajuni Hill.

Best time to visit October-March

Pragbodhi (meaning before enlightenment) is located around 7km from Bodh Gaya. It is believed that Lord Buddha spent seven years in a cave on this hill before he attained enlightenment. A brief trek to the top of the hill offers spectacular views of the land around and the ruins of a few stupas.

How to reach You can take a taxi or a cab to Pragbodhi. The trip will take you about one hour.

Best time to visit October-March

Gurpa Hill

A Buddhist pilgrimage site, Gurpa Hill is located 25km northeast of Bodh Gaya. The mountain is said to be the site where Buddha's disciple Mahakasyapa died while waiting for the future Buddha, Maitreya, to arrive on earth. It is also considered one of the tallest peaks in the Gangetic plains. At the top of the mountain are a stupa and a Buddhist temple.

How to reach Book a local cab, taxi or bus to get to Gurpa Peak, located 48 Km from the city of Gaya.

Best time to visit October-March

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