All You Need To Know About Udaipur, Himachal Pradesh

Explore the beauty of Udaipur, Himachal Pradesh, a delightful alternative to the scorching desert heat of its Rajasthan counterpart. This quick guide will lead you through the Himachali gem's picturesque landscapes and serene attractions
All You Need To Know About Udaipur, Himachal Pradesh
All You Need To Know About Udaipur, Himachal Pradesh

The city of lakes in Rajasthan is not the only Udaipur in the country. If you want to skip the summer heat and explore cooler reaches, there is another Udaipur you might want to check out.

Amidst the majestic landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, the charming town of Udaipur graces the banks of the tranquil Chandrabhaga River. Located in the Lahaul and Spiti district, this picturesque gem has captivated Hindus and Buddhists' hearts. At an elevation of 2,742 meters above sea level, Udaipur boasts an ethereal aura that draws travellers seeking spiritual solace and natural beauty.

One of the most revered landmarks in Udaipur is the ancient Marikula Mata Temple. This architectural marvel serves as a sacred pilgrimage site for devotees from both Hindu and Buddhist faiths. The temple's allure lies in its religious significance and its captivating surroundings, making it a haven of tranquillity and devotion.

Places To Visit 

Markula Devi Temple

With its roots tracing back to Ajayvarman's reign in Kashmir, the enchanting Markula Devi Temple stands as a testament to ancient craftsmanship and devotion. Though no original work from those times survives, the temple's allure is undeniable. A significant highlight is the three-headed image of Vishnu, symbolizing the transitional phase in Buddhism. While the temple's exterior may appear ordinary due to the relentless force of nature, the interior reveals a treasure trove of artistic brilliance.


A mere 9 kilometres from Udaipur lies the revered Triloknath, an 8th-century temple that holds immense significance for Buddhists and Hindus. A unique aspect of this temple is its dual worship, revered as Shiva by Hindus and Arya Avalokiteshwar by Buddhists. Additionally, the temple offers an intriguing test for devotees&mdasha column that supposedly cannot be crossed by sinners, regardless of their flexibility. For those seeking to put themselves to the test, a visit to Triloknath is a must.

Saach Pass 

Saach Pass presents a challenge that beckons adventure junkies from all corners of the world. Dubbed as the most dangerous pass in the country, this mountainous terrain is not for the faint of heart. However, the thrill of conquering nature's challenges lures travellers seeking an adrenaline rush. Located some 65 kilometres away from Udaipur, Saach Pass remains open to adventurers only during the brief window from June to October. During this period, the pass reveals its resplendent beauty, with snow-capped peaks and lush greenery surrounding the treacherous trail.


A mere 53 kilometres from Udaipur lies Keylong, the vibrant administrative centre of the Lahaul Spiti district. The town's prized gem is the awe-inspiring Kardang Monastery, an architectural marvel dating back to the 12th century. The monastery's ancient walls bear witness to centuries of devotion, wisdom, and spiritual growth. Beyond the spiritual sanctity, Keylong captivates with its inspiring vistas, with the Himalayan ranges forming a majestic backdrop. The town's natural beauty complements the spirituality that pervades its atmosphere, providing visitors with a holistic experience. 

Where To Stay

Since it's a remote and less populated region, the accommodation options may be limited compared to more touristy areas. However, you can find some guesthouses and homestays to stay in Udaipur. Keep in mind that the facilities might be basic, but the stunning natural beauty of the Spiti Valley more than makes up for it.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Udaipur is between July to September.

Getting There

You can only get to Udaipur by bus, so you have to arrive at Keylong first, from where regular bus services are available.

Cover photo Keylong is the&nbspvibrant administrative centre of the Lahaul Spiti district and your starting point to get to Udaipur. Credit Shutterstock

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