A Guide To Nagarkot In Nepal

Nagarkot, located in Nepal, is a place that is widely known for its picturesque sunrise and beautiful views of the majestic mountains
Sunrise at Nagarkot. Photo Credits Wikimedia Commons
Sunrise at Nagarkot. Photo Credits Wikimedia Commons

Nagarkot is a scenic hill station located in the Bhaktapur District of Nepal, just about 32 kilometres east of Kathmandu, the capital city. Situated at approximately 2,195 meters, Nagarkot offers panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan mountain range, including some of the world&rsquos highest peaks, such as Mount Everest, Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal. Here are a few of the things you shouldn&rsquot miss when visiting Nagarkot.

The Sunrise
The sunrise in Nagarkot is one of a kind and stunning People from all over the world travel to Nagarkot solely to experience the sunrise. The sunrise takes place around 530 in the morning, and during that time, the sky is painted in hues of yellow and orange. The shades of orange and yellow on the snowcapped mountains feel like a dream.

The Nagarkot Tower
The Nagarkot Tower offers a gorgeous view of the snow-peaked mountains and is a great picnic spot to spend time with your loved ones, along with it being heaven for all photography geeks.

Adventure Sports
Nagarkot is a very popular hub for various adventure sports like mountain biking, paragliding, etc. Nagarkot is filled with picturesque trails and is an absolute delight to embark on a dreamy journey through the lush green forests, terrains, etc.

Local Cuisine
Your trip to Nagarkot is incomplete without trying the local, authentic Nepalese cuisine. The Momos, Gorkhali Lamb (for all the non-veg lovers), Sel Roti (a sweet bread made from rice flour, sugar and clarified butter), and Kwati (a hearty soup made from different kinds of beans) are a few of the dishes one must try while visiting Nagarkot. Dal Bhat tarkari is also a must try. 

How to Reach Nagarkot
To reach Nagarkot, you first reach Kathmandu by flight and then either take a public bus that will first take you to Kamalbinayak Park and then another journey of 90 minutes, and you will reach Nagarkot.

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