7 Places You Can Visit In Jammu And Kashmir

Winter in Jammu and Kashmir can be difficult, but the region looks idyllic as long as the snow covers it
 Mountain Landscape Of Sonamarg Jammu And Kashmir
Mountain Landscape Of Sonamarg Jammu And Kashmir

In Jammu and Kashmir, what is paradise Its alpine meadows, crystal-clear lakes, the amber hues of the trees in the fall, boathouses, gondolas, apple orchards, and everything else that makes up its landscape are what make it so unique.

Apart from these well-known destinations, many other vacation spots are sure to capture the hearts and minds of backpackers. So here it is, 7 tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Bimal Nag

The Bimal Nag Temple, an old Hindu temple on the western side of the meadows, has a small pond where water has gathered from a nearby natural spring. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways built roads in the region in 2013 to improve connectivity in India's rural areas.


The highly revered Shiv Temple has located 42 km from Patnitop and 112 km from Jammu. Legends used to say that the Goddess Parvati would worship the shivling here, which is believed to be at least 3000 years old. The temple also houses a black marble statue of local Shiva and Parvati. A Trishul of Lord Shiva is also preserved here. On Sawan's full moon night, pilgrims flock to the shrine to celebrate the festival and worship Lord Shiva.

Nangali Sahab

It is situated 5 km away from Poonch City and is famous for the Sikh Shrine of Dera Gurudwara Nangali Sahib. It is one of the oldest Shrines of the Sikhs in Northern India. In 1947 original building was entirely burnt by Pakistan-supported attacking tribesmen. With the donations and efforts of Sangat, the Gurudwara was reconstructed by Mahant Bachitar Singh Ji. A gigantic function is held in the Gurudwara Sahib on the eve of Baisakhi every year. Many devotees from Jammu, Kashmir, and outside participate in the day-long function of the Baisakhi-the Birth (establishment) day of Khalsa. The tourists can enjoy rajma chawal, namkeen tea, makki ki roti, lassi, sarsonka saag etc.


The well-known Vasaknag (Holy Spring), also called "Sarsa," is located at Kund Near Devsar in the Kulgam District in South Kashmir of Union Territory of J&ampK-India beneath the foothills of the High Altitude Mountains and picturesque forests of the well-known Pir-Panjal Range. It is a holy spring that appears at the foot of Waltengo Nar, a location severely damaged by Avanchale in 2005, claiming 180 priceless lives. 

Many tourists come from across the nation. Tourists take advantage of the location's great weather and stunning beauty each year. It has developed into an important gathering place for picnickers, and many Kashmir Valley schools and colleges come here for outings, particularly in the summer. 


Kashmir is a state that is adorned with exquisitely landscaped meadows, clear lakes, and valleys that are lush with vegetation. On the banks of the Jhelum River is another gem of the state Srinagar. The Mughal gardens, houseboats, and canals are prominent features of Jammu and Kashmir's capital city. The Srinagar Mohanmarg Trek offers a rare opportunity to discover Mohanmarg's meadows and a glimpse of Srinagar's stunning valleys. From a height, visitors can take in a panoramic view of the Pir Panjal, Dal Lake, and the entire city of Srinagar.

Mansbal Lake

The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir State, Srinagar, is located about 30 km north of Manasbal Lake. Its surroundings are primarily rural, and three villages&mdashKondabal, Jarokbal, and Gratbal&mdashoverlook the lake. Manasbal is referred to as the "supreme gem of all Kashmir lakes," with lotus blooming at its margins in abundance and beauty in July and August. Tourists are likely to experience a different aspect of Kashmir through its calmness. This lake, which the locals use for fishing, receives small snow streams. The tranquil waters, lotus leaves, and in-bloom flowers make up one of the best tourist attractions.

Jhajjar Kotli 

It is near the Jhajjar River. The crystal-clear, cool water of Jhajjar attracts picnickers during summer and is a perfect weekend getaway. The place has lush green surroundings and attracts a large number of visitors.

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