World's 50 Best Restaurants 2 Indian Restaurants Among This Year's List Of Winners

From absolutely mind-boggling interiors to even bolder menus, these restaurants are challenging the norms and breaching barriers with their class and innovation
For most people the concept of a sit-down dinner has become a rare occurrence
For most people the concept of a sit-down dinner has become a rare occurrence

Going out to eat has become quite regular these days. With so many new cafes and restaurants cropping up in nearly every nook and corner of every street, the luxury earlier associated with eating out has somewhat lost its sheen. The concept of a sit-down dinner in this lifestyle has become few and far between for most people. But sometimes, certain places demand you to indulge in a complete fine dining experience, one that is limited to not only an excellent menu but also the overall ambience of a restaurant. 

The list of the World's 50 Best Restaurants is out now, and the prestigious names that are gracing the list are nothing short of extraordinary. But what is even more impressive is that among this year's winners are two restaurants known for their inherently Indian cuisine. Chef Himanshu Saini's Dubai-based Tresind Studio is ranked 11th, and the Bangkok-based, fine-dining eponymous restaurant Gaggan Anand comes in at number 17th. 

Tresind Studio, Dubai

The Tresing Studio menu is aptly titled "Tasting India" and offers a variety of dishes categorized into four parts, encompassing the North, South, East and West of India. Chef Himanshu Saini's theatrical restaurant sees guests being relocated to different areas of the restaurant throughout the course of the meal for a more immersive tasting experience. The quirky Indian restaurant has 20 seats, and they tend to fill up fast, so reserving one in advance is recommended. 

Gaggan Anand, Bangkok

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Kolkata-born Chef Gaggan Anand closed his first restaurant in Bangkok in 2019 after topping the list of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants for a record four times. His new venture is a quintessentially Indian fine-dining restaurant with a creative, colourful and progressive menu at its core. The new innovative menu is a result of complex techniques, molecular gastronomy and international influences, all curated to serve 28 guests each night.

From theatrical performances to avant-garde dishes and the innovative fusion menu, here are some of the best restaurants from the list.

Central, Lima, Peru

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Experience an extraordinary culinary voyage at Central, a trailblazing restaurant that has earned the prestigious title of the best in the world. Situated in the vibrant city of Lima, Central stands as a symbol of South American gastronomic excellence. With its fine dining menu, Central takes guests on an unforgettable journey through Peru's rich biodiversity, showcasing its diverse ecosystems. Delve into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where flavours of the sea come alive, and ascend to the breathtaking heights of the Andes, where indigenous ingredients flourish. Each dish represents a harmonious fusion of culinary techniques influenced by the waves of Spanish, African, Cantonese, Italian, Japanese, and Arabic immigrants who have left their mark on Peru's cuisine. 

Address Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco 15063, Peru 

Hours 1245 pm to 145 pm and 7 pm to 830 pm

Disfrutar, Barcelona, Spain 

Immerse yourself in a world of culinary sophistication at Disfrutar, a distinguished restaurant that harmoniously blends elegance and innovation. Boasting two Michelin stars and a prominent third spot on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, Disfrutar offers an exclusive dining experience that captivates the senses. Indulge in the unforgettable delight of the crispy egg yolk with mushroom gelatin, and savour the compelling combination of chocolate peppers with oil and salt. And don't miss the culinary masterpiece, the "panchino" bao bun, which hits you with its luxurious filling of creamy Beluga caviar. At Disfrutar, culinary artistry takes centre stage, creating a symphony of flavours that will leave an indelible mark on your gastronomic journey.

Address C. de Villarroel, 163, 08036 Barcelona, Spain 

Hours 1 pm to 430 pm and 8 pm to 12 am

Diverxo, Madrid, Spain 

Prepare to be dazzled by the visionary culinary creations of Chef Dabiz Mu&ntildeoz at Diverxo, an extraordinary dining destination in Madrid. Renowned as one of the world's most creative chefs, Dabiz invites guests to embark on an unforgettable tasting experience filled with whimsical surprises and artistic flair. The 12-course menu at Diverxo presents a kaleidoscope of flavours meticulously crafted with the finest Spanish ingredients. Influenced by his love for Asian culture and cuisine, Dabiz seamlessly blends elements of Asian gastronomy into his culinary masterpieces. Each dish is a canvas where flavours, textures, and visual aesthetics harmoniously converge, creating an immersive dining experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional cuisine.

Address NH Eurobuilding, C. del Padre Dami&aacuten, 23, 28036 Madrid, Spain 

Hours 1 pm to 530 pm and 730 pm to 2 am

Alchemist, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Alchemist is a dining destination that redefines the boundaries of gastronomy in Copenhagen. Chef Rasmus Munk's visionary restaurant offers an immersive and theatrical experience that engages all your senses. As you step into Alchemist, you'll find yourself immersed in a captivating world of themed rooms where light shows and theatrical performances unfold. The 50-course menu is a testament to Chef Rasmus' culinary genius, where each dish is meticulously crafted to surprise and delight. From cryogenic transformations that turn clear tomato water into a snowball to delicate potato starch "bread" layered like a croissant, Alchemist's dishes push the boundaries of creativity and flavour.

Address Refshalevej 173C, 1432 K&oslashbenhavn K, Denmark 

Hours 10 am to 4 pm and 5 pm to 2 am

Lido 84, Gardone Riviera, Italy 

Nestled in the picturesque town of Gardone Riviera, Lido 84 beckons you to savour Italian cuisine's authentic flavours amidst a natural beauty backdrop. Despite its relatively short existence, Lido 84 has already earned the esteemed recognition of a Michelin star, a testament to its commitment to culinary excellence. Located on the shores of Lake Garda, the restaurant takes advantage of the pristine waters and fertile soil of the region, ensuring that each dish is a celebration of the finest Italian produce. 

Address Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 196, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy 

Hours 1230 pm to 230 pm and 730 pm to 1030 pm

Atomix, New York City, USA 

Indulge in a captivating culinary journey with a Korean twist at Atomix, located in the vibrant heart of New York City. Atomix presents a dining experience that is simultaneously down-to-earth and sophisticated, engaging both seasoned gourmands and those new to Korean cuisine. With an emphasis on education and exploration, the menu offers an opportunity to delve into Korean gastronomy's diverse flavours and traditions. Every dish delivers an elevated and nuanced experience for every palate. At Atomix, you'll discover a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation where culinary expertise and cultural appreciation intertwine.

Address 104 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016, United States 

Hours 530 pm to 11 pm 

Quintonil, Mexico City, Mexico 

In the vibrant culinary landscape of Mexico City, Quintonil shines as a rising star. Since its establishment in 2012, this young restaurant has swiftly garnered accolades and carved its place among the best. Ranked number 21 on Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2013, Quintonil stands alongside other renowned local establishments like Pujol and Biko. Led by Chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife and business partner Alejandra Flores, Quintonil delights guests with impeccable service and a menu that reflects Mexico's rich flavours and traditions. One standout dessert option is the lime-nopal sorbet, a unique and refreshing creation that captures the essence of Mexican ingredients.

Address Av. Isaac Newton 55, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Ciudad de M&eacutexico, CDMX, Mexico 

Hours 1230 pm to 12 am

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