India's Most Scenic Vineyards You Should Visit

These vineyards offer a sensory journey through their bountiful orchards, inviting guests to savour exquisite wines while immersing themselves in picturesque landscapes, forging unforgettable moments of joy and appreciation
India's Most Scenic Vineyards You Should Visit
India's Most Scenic Vineyards You Should Visit

In the last few years, wine tourism in India has gradually increased in popularity. Scenic vineyards have become sought-after destinations for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. They provide wine-tasting tours complemented by delicious food, attracting visitors from all over the country. Here is a list of vineyards in India that offer a distinct and memorable experience.

Sula Vineyards, Nashik

The Sula vineyard in Maharashtra's Nashik spans an impressive 3,000 acres, making it the largest vineyard in India. It is often called 'The Napa Valley of India' for its grandeur. Today, about 80 per cent of the Indian wine market is captured by Sula Vineyards. Within its vast grounds, you can find the luxurious resort called 'Beyond.' Here, you can indulge in a delightful range of wines, such as Riesling, Seco, and Satori Merlot, served during breakfast and wine-tasting tours.

Chateau d'Or, Nashik

Chateau d'Or, located in Nashik, is the second-largest vineyard in the region. It is renowned for producing classic French wines. One of its notable features is the largest Merlot plantation in India. Chateau d'Or takes pride in its commitment to environmental sustainability, as it avoids using pesticides and fertilizers. The vineyard relies on windmills for power generation. Visitors to Chateau d'Or can enjoy various amenities and activities, including three artificial lakes for water sports, resorts with jacuzzis, wine-tasting lounges, and swimming pools.

Fratelli Vineyards, Solapur

Fratelli, situated in Solapur, introduced their single varietal range of wines, which reflects the brand's essence and the collaboration of three families. The Fratelli brand, meaning 'brothers' in Italian, is renowned for its premium selection of wines, allowing guests to enjoy tasting tours and luxurious resort accommodations. It is known for its Sette wine.

Grover Zampa Vineyards, Karnataka

One of the oldest winemakers in India, Grover Zampa Vineyards, merged with Vallee de Vin from Maharashtra, known for producing Zampa wine. In 2019, the company acquired Four Season Wines and Charosa Wines. Located in the Nandi Hills of Karnataka, Grover Zampa offers a delightful experience with its impressive wine barrel room. 

York Winery, Nashik

Located in Nashik, the winery takes pride in producing high-quality wines, such as Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc. Their blend of these two varietals was introduced in 2014 and has garnered a loyal customer base. York Winery is one of the few Indian wineries that craft Chardonnay. To complement their wines, visitors can indulge in Indian cuisine at the Cellar Door restaurant, which offers the perfect food pairing experience. A must-try from York Winery is their sparkling wine, the York Sparkling Brut, made exclusively from Chennin Blanc grapes.

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