Travel Bucket List 5 Incredible Food Festivals You Cannot Miss

If you are a foodie, you must add these to your bucket list as you travel through these locations.
Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich, Germany
Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich, Germany

Imagine travelling the world, exploring culinary traditions and events. Several incredible food carnivals and festivals are held every year across the world. If you are a foodie, you must add these to your bucket list as you travel through these locations. 

For The Love Of Pizza Pizzafest, Naples 

Italy&rsquos largest celebration of pizza, Pizzafest, takes place in Naples every June, because everyone knows Naples is where pizza was created. Held in Napoli Pizza Village, the festival dates back to 1995, and presents different pizzas from Italy. Think the Margherita, with pummarola, tomato sauce, and mozzarella, or Marinara, Bufala, Capricciosa, and Diavola, and much more. Considering now just the traditional types of pizza. The city's most popular pizzaioli vie against each other, setting up stalls where customers can sample a variety of pizzas. At the end of the week-long event, a jury evaluates the fest participants and crowns the finest pizzaiolo in the world. Visit if you consider yourself a pizza connoisseur.

Beer On Tap Oktoberfest, Munich 

The largest Volksfest in the world, Oktoberfest, includes a beer festival and a traveling carnival that takes place every year in Munich, Germany. More than six million tourists from abroad, and from within the country, attend this 18-day festival which takes place from September to about the first Sunday in October. Hosted annually since 1810, it is a significant celebration of Bavarian culture, with large amounts of Oktoberfest Beer sipped throughout the occasion. Expect lots of fun activities and traditional Bavarian music, dance and culture. 

A Chocolate Paradise Salon Du Chocolat, Paris

Every year, the global chocolate industry hosts at the Salon du Chocolat, a must-attend event for everyone with a love of chocolate. The festival draws thousands of tourists each year who discover a space dedicated wholly to an exhibition of chocolate and sweets covering the richest palates. Over 200 experts and pastry chefs from France and around the world come together in Paris to partake in events celebrating chocolate's existence. The renowned Chocolate Fashion Show, a novel concept that brings together the best fashion designers and the most skilled chocolatiers to produce spectacular couture marvels, is one of the Salon's highlights.

No Meat Please Vegetarian Festival, Bangkok

In Bangkok, the Vegetarian Festival typically occurs in late September or early October, though the precise dates shift yearly per the Chinese Lunar calendar. In Thailand, this Taoist holiday is known as Tesagan Gin Je, lasting nine days nationwide. Most people gather for celebrations in Bangkok's Chinatown or Yarowat. The festival honours the nine Emperor Gods, and as a result, the followers of the religion adhere to a strict vegan diet that forbids the use of garlic, onion, meat, seafood, or other animal products, including milk and eggs. 

For Those Who Love Street Food National Street Food Festival, Delhi

The National Street Food Festival features a headline performance by the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI). This massive festival, which draws over 70,000 attendees, serves as a hub for promoting regional and traditional foods. Bringing together various street food specialties from across the nation is the primary goal. The festival is dedicated to showcasing the skills of talented street food vendors by bringing them into the spotlight. There's also street theatre, dances, stand-up comedy, magic shows, and live band performances.

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