Redzepi's Three-Michelin Star Restaurant Is Travelling to Japan

The iconic Noma is headed to the island country years after their first stint in 2015but this time in Kyoto.
Noma, Copenhagen
Noma, Copenhagen

Rene Redzepi&rsquos Noma has become more than a fine-dining restaurant with three Michelin stars. It&rsquos become an aspiration for gourmands across the world. The 20-year-old Noma has introduced many to the innovative ways of presenting and experiencing local and often obscure ingredients discovered by their team of foragers, gardeners, researchers and chefs. 

However, one does not need to embark on a journey to Copenhagen to have the fortune of tasting some of their miraculous creations. Noma has been taking their unique creations around the world with pop-ups in England, Tokyo, Australia, Mexico and New York. 

Even though they had created magic in Japan previously when they went to Tokyo in 2015, the country was ready to welcome them again, but this time in Kyoto. In his announcement, Redzepi says, &ldquofor the past two years, we have been studying, travelling and researching the city of Kyoto and the Kansai region, particularly kaiseki cuisine. This spring, we return to the place where so much of our own journey began.&rdquo 

The pop is an exclusive affair running for ten weeks, from March 15 to May 2023. They&rsquove planned to operate one lunch and dinner service from Wednesday to Saturday at the swanky Ace Hotel in Kyoto. The reservations had already begun in early November and, unfortunately, have been closed for the time being&ndashhowever, there&rsquos still a glimmer of hope as you can sign up for their waiting list. People can only book prepaid packages, including food and drinks, priced at 775 Euros, with an additional 10% service charge. 

Regarding what he and his talented team have planned, Redzepi mentions, &ldquothe meal will reflect the Sakura season in Kyoto, yet, we will not be a Japanese restaurant.&rdquo This event is emotional for many reasons, not just because they&rsquore returning to the starting point of this incredible adventure. Redzepi announced earlier, &ldquo2023 will be our final year with Noma as we know it. We need an adventure&ndashone that will prepare us for our next and greatest transformational journey yet, a new chapter, which will unfold in 2024.&rdquo

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