The Perfect Cuppa Comes to Noida

Roastery Coffee House, leading coffee roasters and caf founded by Nishant Sinha, has opened a new outpost in Noida
Roastery Coffee House has opened a new outlet in Noida
Roastery Coffee House has opened a new outlet in Noida

Coffee is definitely an emotion. And for coffee lovers, the perfect brew is sacrosanct. With its &lsquocrop-to-cup&rsquo initiative - sourcing the finest coffee from different farms across India, Roastery Coffee House has opened its third outpost in Noida.  

Founded by Nishant Sinha, the first outlet for Roastery was in Hyderabad, in 2017, followed by one in Kolkata in 2019. The zero-waste brand has seen exceptional success in the array of products it sells from Mandal Khan Estate, Salwara Estate, Thogarihunkal Estate, Monsoon Malabar(best-selling) brewed via distinct global techniques such as manually brewed coffees like French press, aero-press, pour-over, syphon and others. Roastery Coffee House adds other fresh ingredients, like cardamom and cinnamon to its brews, much to the delight of its patrons. With an aim to do right by environment, Roastery Coffee House uses the ruby-red peel that is usually discarded in the coffee-obtaining process to make Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea), becoming the first brand to introduce and serve Cascara in India.

Motivated by the success of its coffee with patrons at their Colocal outlets, Nishant Sinha, founder of Roastery Coffee House was inspired to bring  the business to NCR. 

&ldquoWe welcome customers from all walks and ages in life and offer them a unique experience from crop to cup. As we serve our affections hot in a mug for them to relish, we subtly and indirectly help them interact with the farmers of India and the lineage of premium coffee products from the country. Creating a homely atmosphere for them to melt in, Roastery Coffee House is all about connecting with the customers to serve them to the best of our ability and splurging the seeds of Indian coffee culture on the international map,&rdquo he says. 

Time 800 AM to 1000 PM

Address Bl008, Roastery Street, near Oxygen Business Park, Noida

Contact  80196 61369

Cost for two INR 800 

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