The Hot Chocolate Season Is Here Varieties From Around The World

Every country has its own rendition of this warm beverage. Here are a few of them
Hot chocolate is the perfect winter beverage. Credit Shutterstock
Hot chocolate is the perfect winter beverage. Credit Shutterstock

Creamy, decadent, velvety, heartwarming - there are adjectives galore to describe the wonder of hot chocolate. The perfect beverage to curl up with in winter, this oozy goodness comes in different forms and each country&rsquos recipe heroes the region&rsquos culinary history. Here are the best of them 

French Hot Chocolate

French have a knack for decadent desserts, so be assured of a mouth-watering hot chocolate when it comes to that. Called Chocolat Chaud, the perfect hot chocolate recipe in this European country requires the highest quality of chocolate with at least 70% cocoa combined with whole milk and cream, leaving you with a thick liquid. Best savoured with a spoon, the consistency is rich, creamy, and only slightly bitter, nothing sugar can&rsquot fix.  

Belgian Hot Chocolate

Belgian chocolate is loved world over. Their popular dark chocolates have an earthy flavour, to which whole milk or half-and-half is added and simmered. A pinch of cinnamon and a dollop of whipped cream does the rest. Add some chocolate shavings and sugar if you like your hot chocolate on the sweeter side. 

Italian Hot Chocolate

Italians love their chocolates as much as anyone else. Like their European counterparts in France, Italians also make a thick version of hot chocolate with heavy cream and milk, taking it up a notch with cornstarch. This leaves us with a hot chocolate that drips and delights, but it's thicker than an average cuppa. Cioccolata Calda, the Italian version, is known and loved for its density.

Colombian Hot Chocolate

This one is not for the faint-hearted. For those who don&rsquot mind experimentation, the Columbian version of a hot chocolate comes with an unexpected addition cheese. There's a saying in Colombia &ldquochocolate sin queso es como amor sin beso,&rdquo chocolate without cheese is like love without a kiss. A staple in any Columbian home, hot chocolate is made of Colombian bitter chocolate, cloves, cinnamon and honey. The mixture is added to milk and allowed to simmer, and a cube of cheese is added to the beverage for a melted, savoury taste. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Like their cuisine, the Mexican version of this winter beverage is spicy. Known for its intense flavour, Mexican hot chocolate is made with milk and unsweetened cocoa, to which vanilla, cinnamon and chilli powder are added for that extra punch. The origin of hot chocolate as a beverage is credited to the older civilisations in the region, such as the Mayans, who blended cocoa and served it like beer. The recipe in its updated form is entirely different and uses whole-stick cinnamon stirrers as well.

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