Stir Up a Cocktail This World Bartender Day

Cocktails are the best antidote to a bluesy weekday. Don a Bartender's cap and make these amazing cocktails right at home
Celebrate World Bartender Day with cocktails
Celebrate World Bartender Day with cocktails

A global celebration of bartenders and their craft, World Bartender Day is a perfect occasion to pick up your favourite drink and churn out a great cocktail for a quiet evening at home. And to your aid is Local Ferment Co - a micro-brewery & kitchen making all things probiotic Their beverages are brewed with thoughtfully selected & locally sourced fruits, spices and herbs.

Looking for ingredients A match made in heaven put together for you in a box - Zero Percent's rumISH/ginISH/IPA or Chardonnay are thoughtfully paired with Local Ferment Co&rsquos exclusive range of shrub (cocktail mixers) flavors and other ferments to top your cocktails with. 

Here are a few cocktail recipes for your midweek blues

The Sipper

If you are the classic kind of person, you would love this.

Style Stirred Straight Up

Flavour Profile Strong


  • rumISH - 2 oz

  • LFC Kaffir Lime Ginger Beer - 2 oz


  • Take a rocks glass, add a block of ice (clear ice preferably)

  • Take 60 ml of chilled rumISH

  • Take 60 ml of LFC Kaffir Lime Ginger Beer. (Stir it)

  • Sip and enjoy

Cherry Buck/ Mule

A buck is a cocktail made with either ginger beer or ginger ale (yeah, there is difference between these two), citrus juice,  and any number of base liquors. In this cherry buck, bring together LFC's Cherry, Vanilla, and Cacao shrub and Ginger Beer - Kaffir Lime with rumISH for that perfect oomph.


Style Shaken Straight Up

Flavour Profile Citrusy, Spicy and Sweet


(1 oz = 30 ml)

  • rumISH - 2 oz

  • LFC Cherry Shrub - 1 1/2 oz

  • Lemon Juice - 15 ml

  • LFC Ginger Beer - Kaffir Lime - 8 1/2 oz


  • Add the lemon juice, LFC shrub and rumISH in a shaker with ice. Shake it until chilled.

  • Strain it into a rocks glass with ice.

  • Top it with Kaffir Lime infused Ginger Beer.

  • Garnish it with a dried lemon wheel or a patted kaffir lime leaf.

The Shandy

In this rendition to a Shandy, mix in the  fruity and tarty Raspberry, Ginger, and Orange Shrub with the hoppy, bitter coast co IPA.

Style Straight Up

Flavour Profile Hoppy, Tangy, and Bitter Sweet


(1 oz = 30 ml)

  • Coast Co IPA (0% abv) - 11 oz

  • LFC Raspberry, Ginger, and Orange Shrub - 2 oz

  • Lemon Juice - 1 1/2 oz


  • Add lemon juice and Raspberry, Ginger, and Orange Shrub to a beer glass. Stir it well.

  • Add ice, if preferred. Top it with Coast Co IPA.

  • Garnish it with a dried orange wheel or apple slice.

The Gimlet

It cannot get any easier than a classic Gimlet, a chilled gin (right out of the freezer), lemon juice, and sugar. A simple combination of liquor, lime juice, and sugar classifies it as a sour. A gimlet at a bar is supposed to be like your morning coffee, it should wake you up before you break the ice.

This rendition of this zero-proof Gimlet is crisp, herbaceous, dry, and ridiculously citrusy.

Style Sour Shaken

Flavour Profile Citrusy, Herbaceous, and Tangy


(1 oz = 30 ml)

  • ginISH - 2 oz

  • LFC Asian Shrub - 1 1/2 oz

  • Lemon Juice - 15 ml


  • Add the ginISH, lemon juice, and LFC's Asian Shrub in a shaker with ice. Shake it until chilled. Remember, any cocktail that has citrus always needs to be shaken.

  • Keep a coupe or a rocks glass chilled. Strain it into the glass.

  • Garnish it with a fresh or dried lime wheel.

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