Six Bandra Bakeries To Beat Back The Hunger When In Mumbai

Walk into these charming bakeries of Bandra when out and about in the leafy Mumbai suburb
Credit / sakkeerpoozhithara
Credit / sakkeerpoozhithara

The adored bakeries of Bandra, Mumbai, are the lifeline of harried homemakers on a no-cook weekend and busy students. Shopaholics who lose track of time and can&rsquot quit bargain-hunting on Hill Road, Linking Road, Pali Market, and Bazar Road, turn to these bakeries to replenish the strength to carry on. Even executives and CEOs rush in, on their way to early morning or mid-day appointments. Manned by courteous and experienced staff supervised by managers who run a tight ship, which begins functioning before the day breaks, here are five bakeries that will help you satiate the fire in your belly. 

Candies, ONGC Complex, Reclamation Union Park Pali Hill 

With its multitude of suspended lamps, vibrantly coloured walls, and shelves filled with mouth-watering baked Continental, East Indian, and Mumbai versions of Mughlai delicacies, Candies is the place to be when in Bandra. The portions served are on the large side, so be sure to judge your hunger correctly. Priced a bit on the steep side, the flavours more than makeup for it. Try their spaghetti Bolognese, mutton mince roll, roast chicken, and chocolate mousse.   

Café Andora, St Domnic Road

Located opposite St Andrew&rsquos College, Café Andora or Andies, as it has been lovingly named by the ever-ravenous students who throng to it, is a favourite of the locals. It has limited seating but long lines to buy up its wares. Keep your order list ready before you reach the counter, and ensure you have the spinach quiche, mini samosa, chicken Afghan roast, rum, and plum cakes on it.  

J Hearsch, Hill Road

Tucked away in an old bungalow with a tree-dense plot next to the Holy Family hospital, it may be tough to spot for newbies to Bandra. However, you will know you are near the lip-smacking fragrances which will take over your senses. Established more than a 100 years ago, Hearsch bakery draws the hungry from not only the hospital next door but all those who know it is the best place for mutton rolls and hot dogs, chicken burgers, and extensive Indian-Chinese dishes. Best of all is that everything has a vegetarian version      

National Bakery, Bazar Road

The shopper-filled Bazar Road, just off Hill Road, is perhaps one of the oldest shopping destinations of Bandra. Stores line both sides of the road, and one among these, ready to satisfy that gnawing shopping-induced hunger that we are all familiar with, is the National Bakery. They offer the whole enchilada, from Continental, Indo-Chinese, and Mughlai-Mumbai mash-up in the forms of soups and appetisers, to main courses. All delicacies are delivered over the counter, and there is no seating space.  

American Express Bakery, Hill Road

Established in 1908 and still run by the Carvalho family, the American Express Bakery, or AEB as Generation Alpha calls it, is also the place where you can spot an older Bollywood celebrity or two. A Bandra hotspot for more than one reason, AEB has a whole host of quiches, sandwiches, croissants, loaves of bread, and biscuits you cannot eat enough of. Take home a parcel of raisin cookies or the fruit and nut biscotti.

A1 Bakery, Hill Road

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Situated next door to another famed bakery, A1 plays its game just right, as it opens in time to tempt the early morning joggers. You will find customers queuing around the bend for its chicken kathi rolls, puffs, and scrumptious cutlets. There is no seating or even enough counter space, but it does not stop service or consumption. Be wary you may run into someone lost in gorging on A1 goodies right outside the shop. Also, park elsewhere and walk here.    

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