You Dim Sum, You Win Some At The Shang Palace

Dim sums, wontons and stir-fries, we can never get enough of Shang Palace's take on Chinese cuisine
The masterchefs at The Shang Palace
The masterchefs at The Shang Palace
A cocktail in hand, I was sitting in Shangri-La&rsquos Shang Palace. Golden plates cover the ceiling and under it, tables are scattered with dividers in place for an intimate setting. For more privacy, or for people hosting a group, the restaurant offers three tastefully-decorated private rooms. But I barely register any of this, for my focus is on the drink being served. Ni Hao, their classic cocktail, combines vodka with ginger, kaffir lime and lemongrass. That's three of my favourite ingredients in one and I am sold. My friend&rsquos drink is equally exciting Anunaki is sake mixed with rose syrup, strawberry puree and lemon juice. And if our drinks our anything to go by, this is one meal that we would both definitely enjoy.

At Shang Palace, the menu is basically a map of China, with authentic food from all provinces of the country. Sichuan, Cantonese and even Yunnan, their food celebrates the legacy of China in the best possible way. The Shang Palace in New Delhi is the 39th of its kind and is a popular haunt. I am here to try their all-new menu, curated specially by Chef Ye Haijun, Chef Kong Fanyi and Chef Fulei.

Their new additions include a range of dim sums steamed chicken wonton in Sichuan chilli garlic oil, mushroom xo dumpling, and the lamb pot sticker, amongst others. Their barbeque section introduces crispy roasted duck with beluga caviar, Shang Palace roasted pipa chicken and the honey glazed barbeque Iberico pork.

Our meal, of course, started with dim sums. Being a vegetarian had certain disadvantages here, but the taste made up for it. Their meat/fish collection is just as impressive. While my friend dug into her lamb or chicken dim sums, I was served a sizzling water chestnut and mushroom xo variety, Chewy and flavourful, this was a great way to start the night. Next came the corn and spinach wonton in Sichuan chilli garlic oil. Though not from their new menu, we couldn&rsquot help calling for their baked puff with eggplant. Sworn to be their best, even by hardcore non-vegetarians, this was a clear favourite. I ordered one more round or two...but who is counting When it comes to this slightly-sweet, puffy pastry-like treat, you can never have enough.

For mains, we went all out. And the silence on our table was a testament to how great the food was. No conversation needed, we focused only on eating with a few appreciative moans here and there. We ordered Sichuan style Mapo tofu, stir-fried mushrooms, stir-fried tenderloin with ceps mushroom and black pepper, and sauteed asparagus, water chestnut with Ginko nuts. Our hot stone pot rice with Yunan was served with chilli chutney and crispy potato pickled chilli.

Here is the deal though, you may think that you have piled on dim sums, and stir-fried vegetables and everything else on offer. You may think you have had your fill and want to skip dessert in favour of the aromatic jasmine tea, but I am here to tell you that you are wrong. You do not, under any circumstance, want to miss the dessert here. It looked simple enough, my slice of chocolate fudge, but coupled with mango chutney and cardamom ice cream, it was something else. One bite of that overly-decadent cake is enough to induce chocolate-made heaven. If you want something lighter, try the caramelised pineapple and almond pudding. It is creamy and served with a delicious scoop of malibu ice cream and banana confit. After, you may call it a night with a cup of steaming jasmine tea, and you would have had a meal to remember.

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