Shaken & Stirred A Q& A With Bartender Cindy Lalramngaihzuali
Shaken & Stirred A Q& A With Bartender Cindy Lalramngaihzuali

Shaken & Stirred A Q& A With Bartender Cindy Lalramngaihzuali

We speak to crafty mixologists who are in the contemporary cocktail revolution who show us how to make the perfect cocktail at home

Cindy Lalramngaihzuali started her career in the F&ampB industry in 2015. She has worked behind the bar at Ek Bar, Piso 16, and Perch Wine and Coffee Bar in Delhi where she takes care of the Hoots' cocktail bar.

What made you choose bartending as a profession
I had some curiousity about the field, and wanted to know every detail . Plus I had a desire to put a smile on someone&rsquos face with a delicious drink I had created Curiosity drove me to perfect my skills&mdashI would see something new being done, or something new would be brought to me to touch, smell, and experiment with it. The day I got an opportunity to learn and train to quench the curiousity, I grabbed it. I don't want to ever let that go. I still find opportunities to learn and train. And I don't plan on stopping in the future. Training allows me to give life to ideas and be more creative.

What do you like most about this job
The vibe, the power it gives me to showcase my skills and what I have learnt through my mistakes. Every new day gives me an opportunity to to be better than I am today. 

What are the challenges
The challenge always comes from me. I am tough on myself because, with self confidence also comes doubt. So I make bets with myself and challenge myself to dare to dream, and grow and learn all at once.

Which is your favourite cocktail, and why
I don't have a particular favourite. But if I have to choose one, I'll go for a classic cocktail. Hanky Panky. It's a spirit forward cocktail with gin, vermouth and Fernet Branca. The combination of gin and vermouth and a drop of Fernet Branca gives it a certain freshness. This cocktail makes me feel like it represents me.

Could you recommend a favourite book on cocktails
I would go for Cocktail Codex Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions by Alex Day, David Kaplan and Nick Fauchald. This book is easy to understand for both bartenders and lay people. And The PDT Cocktail Book The Complete Bartender's Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy by Chris Gall and Jim Meehan.

Could you share a cocktail recipe for our readers

For making something at home, keep it simple with just two or three ingredients, and use fresh ingredients like herbs and citrus.

Gin - 60ml
Orange juice - 30 ml
Mint leaves - 4 to 5

Mix and top up with ginger ale.

One incident (funnier the better) that you can't forget while at work
When someone complained that their Negroni was sour. It's funny, but you can't laugh in front of the guest, you have to resolve their issue.

What are your secret mixes that you reserve for very special occasions
I do an excellent homemade tepache.

What do you prefer drinking in order to unwind at home
I like a simple gin and tonic or whisky/whisky-water.

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