#FestiveRecipes Fish with Piquant Mango Paired With a Special Kinda Gujia

Jazz up a Diwali party with a fish with a dash of mango and gujia from Chef Haneef of Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Chennai
#FestiveRecipes Fish with Piquant Mango Paired With a Special Kinda Gujia
#FestiveRecipes Fish with Piquant Mango Paired With a Special Kinda Gujia

Paupiette of Bekti Fish with Mango Curry and Tapioca


For the Fish Mango Curry
30ml cooking oil
3gms mustard seed
8 nos. curry leaves
60gms shallots chop
2nos green chilly spilt
10gms ginger and garlic paste
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp chilli powder
1tsp coriander powder
40gms raw mango cubes
30gms tomato puree
60ml fish stock
100ml coconut milk
Salt to taste


Prepare ingredients as mentioned in the list. Heat the oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add shallots, green chillies and curry leaves. Sauté till they turn golden brown. Mix ginger, garlic paste and sauté for a minute. Then add salt, turmeric, chilli, and coriander powder together with tomato puree and fish stock. Bring it a boil, stirring occasionally.&nbspAdd the coconut milk, raw mango and simmer for 8 -10 minutes.

*Pass it through with a single strainer, in case you want a smooth texture. Keep the sauce hot aside for platting.

For the filling - paupiette (roll)
40gms fish trimmings fine chopped
2gms coriander leaves chopped
2gms green chilly chopped
2gms ginger chopped
Salt a pinch

Combine all ingredients and mix well.

For rolling
Trim fish fillets in to flat size of 3x4inch rectangle. Try to make the fish in to thin slices lengthwise. Apply salt and black pepper leave for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes take the fish slices, wipe to dry with clean kitchen paper to remove the excess moisture. Place the marinated fish in the clean working table, take filling mixture with the flat spatula spread in the centre of fish fillet. Roll the fillet to enclose it completely into cylindrical shape with your fingers and tie it with scallion (blanched) like a bundle in order to keep the fish tight and firm. Now pan sear the fish roll slightly and roast it in a pre heated oven (180*c) for about 10 minutes.

Tapioca root
Peel off the tapioca and wash it thoroughly in clean water. Cut into 1inch size cubes add water and pinch of salt. Place it in the steamer for 20 minutes, once done use the root as you prefer for your plating.

For plating
In a round white plate, start by placing the tapioca cubes in the centre, and strategically place the fish on top of it. Drizzle the coconut mango fish curry as you prefer garnish it with fried curry leaves and red chilly whole. Serve immediately.

Gujias are the popular sweet bites during festive seasons, especially like Diwali and Holi. Traditionally it can be prepared easily in the houses and also huge in commercials which are inspiring flavours that come alive at our Festive moods and filled with joy. But undoubtedly these sweet bites are suitable to winter and raining seasons.


For the pastry dough

250gms all purpose flour
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup water (or) as required
2 tablespoon ghee (butter fat)

For the stuffing

220gms khoya (evaporated milk solids) crumble
½ tablespoon ghee
10 almonds cut
10 pistachios cut
10 cashewa cut
10 raisins
60gms powdered sugar (or) as required
Pinch of cardamom powder
Oil for deep frying


To make the pastry dough 
Take the flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Heat ghee in a small pan until it melts and becomes warm. Pour the ghee on the flour. First mix the ghee with a spoon. Then rub and mix the ghee with your finger tips to form a crumble like texture. Add water in parts and knead the dough till firm and tight. Cover the dough with moist cloth and set aside for 30 minutes.

To make the sweet stuffing
Melt ghee in a pan on a low heat, add the khoya, stir it continuously on a low heat
and cook.Let the khoya stuffing cool completely at room temperature. Later add powdered sugar, nuts, raisins, cardamom powder. Mix everything and keep aside.

Assembling and shaping 
Make medium sized log of each part and slice or portion it into equal parts to form ball shapes cover it with a moist kitchen towel. Dust the flour lightly. Roll each ball with rolling pin to a small circle having 3 inch diameter. With your fingertip, apply water all over the edges. Place 1½ tbs of the khoya filling in the centre and cover with same size of the pastry sheet. Carefully encase it gently press the edges and sealed, so that the filling doesn&rsquot come out while deep frying.

Making the sugar syrup
Take 250gms of sugar in a pan.&nbspAdd ½ cup of water mix and place the pan on medium-low flame. Using spoon stir the sugar so that it dissolves. Simmer till the syrup becomes sticky, and then switch off the flame.

Frying the gujia
Heat oil in a pan and set the temperature fry the gujia at medium to low heat, until golden and crisp. Using a slotted spoon remove the fried Gujia draining the extra oil. After couple of minutes, when fried gujia are still hot, place them in the hot sugar syrup. Turn over each gujia, so that both sides are coated with sugar syrup for about 10 minutes.

Serving suggestions
Gujia is eaten like as it is. If you want fancy something more indulgent, pair it with some rabri (thickened sweetened milk)

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