Have The Breakfast Of Champions In Indore

From the eye-watering spicy kachori to the heavenly sweet jalebis, divulge yourself into a culinary carnival on your visit to Indore
Poha-Jalebi is one of the most popular breakfast items in Indore
Poha-Jalebi is one of the most popular breakfast items in Indore

The most populous city in the state of Madhya Pradesh and declared the cleanest city of India over the past two years, Indore traces its roots to the 16th century. Founded as a trading centre connecting Delhi to the Deccan, the city offers a spectacle of majestic palaces and a wide collection of mouth-watering cuisines. With its rich mix of culture, history, and food, Indore is a city which will make you ask for more. 

From the delicious Poha-Jalebi to the unbelievable Kachoris, Madhya Pradesh's leading city is a culinary gift to the taste-buds. Start your mornings with a dynamite of flavours comprising traditional Indori dishes.


An extremely popular dish among the locals of the city, Pohe-Jalebi offers an elegant mixture of sweet, spicy and crunchy. A match made in heaven, the added element of Farsan or Sev adds another dimension and texture to the delicious meal. Take a bite every now and then into the juicy jalebi while having the poha, made from flattened rice, to enhance your culinary experience. Let the sweetness of the circular sweet form a harmony of epic proportions with the mellow saltiness of the flattened rice dish.  


You probably have had kachori at home. Typically made with an aloo (potato) or dal filling, Indore's kachori are a different story altogether. With pyaaz (onions), matar (peas), and bhutte (corn) popular alternatives, the Indori variants are sure to leave you craving for more. The spicy snack is a renowned breakfast dish in the city offering a perfect way to wake up your dozing taste-buds at the start of a hectic day. 

Bhutte Ki Kees

Originating from the streets of Indore, this grated corn dish is a must while wandering through this developing metropolitan. Served with a garnish of grated coconut and coriander leaves along with lemon juice, the dish is made out of boiled and mashed corn mixed with besan, jeera, and a bucket full of diverse spices. A delicious mixture of flavours, a trip to Indore needs to include a plate of this local speciality. 

Sabudane Khichdi


Another lip-smacking favourite of the locals of Indore, this is a dish that has made its way into the hearts of every tourist who comes here. It is prepared from sabudana, which is soaked overnight and then cooked and served with snacks, lemon juice and coriander leaves sprinkled over it. The taste of the dish is sure to remain fresh in your memories for a long time. While this particular cuisine is used to break fasts, it is a dish that goes with every occasion in Indore. 

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