Music and Moonshine in Hauz Khas Village

The alcohol is licit and the music's live at the latest restaurant in Hauz Khas Village. Head to Moonshine Cafe & Bar for a bit of both
The interiors of Moonshine Cafe and Bar in Hauz Khas Village
The interiors of Moonshine Cafe and Bar in Hauz Khas Village

&ldquoIf Alice had to go up a rabbit hole and not down, this would be it,&rdquo wailed my companion as we made our way to the Moonshine café and bar in Delhi&rsquos Hauz Khas village we walked through dark and dingy corridors that led to seemingly unending staircases. But our predicament was a short-lived one as we suddenly found ourselves in an airy, glass-walled café, with a view of one of Hauz Khas&rsquo domed structures hidden behind green canopies.

Flaunting vintage American d&eacutecor &ndash dim lighting, framed pictures of old typewriters on the walls, leather upholstery and a rather interesting acrylic representation of the Chicago skyline as wall art &ndash the Moonshine café occupied an entire floor of the building. The café has been divided into separate sections, each section playing different genres of music. The outdoor section contained a pretty hookah bar with colourful hookahs in all shapes and sizes, including one shaped like the Eiffel Tower. There is also a live stage with a good sound system. Local bands and artists perform almost daily the playlist includes electronic, house, classic rock, popular jazz and good old bollywood tunes.  &lsquoGentlemen&rsquos night&rsquo, a new concept in Delhi, attracts a fair number of men every Tuesday to the Moonshine.

We started with the beetroot carpaccio and Moonshine chicken wings. The carpaccio was excellent the sweetness of the steamed beetroots went very well with the tangy flavour of the feta cheese. The Moonshine chicken wings were succulent. We ordered the soft shell chicken tacos and the Godfather pizza as our main course. The tacos were stuffed with chicken cubes and creamy Montgomery cheese. The pizza was thin-crust topped with ham, salami, bacon, bell pepper and onions. It was good but not extraordinary. Coming to the drinks, we ordered the moonshine caprioska and &lsquothe real me&rsquo.  The caprioska was Indianised by adding a pinch of chaat masala. Not quite a success to be honest. The &lsquoreal me&rsquo was a mix of kahlua, Baileys, rum and chocolate &ndash tasted too much of chocolate syrup. We skipped dessert and decided to try a special hookah from Moonshine&rsquos hookah bar. Our mint flavoured hookah was quite smooth.

Overall, the place is great for a nice evening especially since dearth of space is not an issue and they always have some great live music. The starters were excellent, so were the pizzas but the drinks could do with a little more finesse.

The information

Address 30, Second Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016


Cost for two Rs 2,500 approx

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