Meals On Wheels Order From These Places For Your Diwali House Party

This Diwali weekend, weve rounded up the best meals on wheels that you can opt for your house taash party
We list the best places to order in from this weekend
We list the best places to order in from this weekend

Rule The Roost With Boss Burgers

No Diwali party is complete without stunning sides to match your drinks. Every burger on the menu is uniquely created and cleverly christened in the true BOSS style For starters, opt for classic Fish and chips, or go for their iconic BOSS style nachos. When it comes to burgers, we&rsquod recommend getting your hands on the Truffle 3 Cheese Tenderloin Burger, which comes laced with caramelised onions and garlic mayo wrapped in the most stunning brioche buns. The OG Chicken Burger is also a good call - the chicken patty is moist and melts in your mouth. BOSS Burger&rsquos signature range also includes the classic &ndash Smashed Buff, Chunky Tenderloin, and Classic Cheese &ndash as well as burgers with a twist &ndash Rabat Lamb Burger, Chicken Parm Burger, for health-conscious peeps-Crunchy Quinoa & Veggie. Wrap up your meal with a heavenly gooey chocolate brownie. 

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Delectable Biryani With SAGA  

Gurgaon-based Modern Indian restaurant SAGA has introduced a special delivery menu - Saga@Home #BondwithBiryani. A family portion serving 2-3 people. SAGA Biryani comes in four flavourful varieties accompanied by Maa Makhni, Raita and Salan. Talking about the SAGA@Home, two-time Michelin Star Chef, Atul Kochhar reveals some exciting options that one can try such as - Kathal, Kolkata Nizami, Chicken and Goat. &ldquoThere can be nothing better than a plateful of quintessential biryani&rsquo, made with succulent pieces of meat/vegetable. Every region of our country prides itself on its own unique biryani recipe". At SAGA, all biryanis are made using the finest ingredients in a traditional Awadhi-inspired, slow-cooked, dum style enhancing the flavour in each bite. 

For Orders, call 91- 7669913882/ 7428922300

Say Sushi With Sushi & More

India&rsquos first Sushi takeaway business is now the largest multi-city chain of affordable sushi outlets in India. With their high Japanese standards of hygiene, food safety and cooking, Sushi and More have brought affordable, authentic, and amazing sushi to India, using the best ingredients sourced from around the world. They have also offered a special sushi platter filled made by the culinary expert for this festive season. Try your hand at their Teriyaki Tofu Roll or the Shiitake Mushroom Roll that comes with avocado and cream cheese. Stick to the classic Spicy Salmon roll or treat your guests to a Warm Ebi Salad laced with prawns and arugula leaves.

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Teen Patti Party with Ace Burgers

Spruce up your Teen Patti party with Ace Burgers Their chunky signature burgers are prepared by sourcing the best quality meat, seasonal produce, specially imported cheese and artisanal buns. Make sure to get your hands on their &lsquoSmash Burgers&rsquo and recently launched a new series of &lsquoShort Stack Burgers&rsquo to satiate the burger needs for all occasions.

We dug into the American Burger, which was spectacular. Laced with BBQ sauce, the combination of the succulent lamb patty and caramalised onions is a winner. Dig into layers of flavour with their Signature Burgers &ndash &lsquoMoroccan Burger&rsquo with Mediterranean-inspired shashlik patty, tomatoes, pickled onions and flavorful nutty house sauce and the &lsquoKorean Burger&rsquo which has a Bulgogi glazed patty with cheese. The Indian Burger, a staple on their signature list, is another worthy competitor that sings. The coastal spiced patty with an inhouse chutney leaves you craving for more. If Indian flavours are your pick, we'd also recommend the Delhi burger from the Smash section, which takes you to the bylanes of Old Delhi and the scintillating kebab flavour. Another handy party option is the kimchi salad which comes infused with authentic Korean spiced house sauce, and topped with pan-fried noodles One thing is for certain- their brioche buns are beautiful and add immensely to the whole experience. For sides, pick the chicken nuggets which are soft and crispy, all at once the crispy onion rings offer true competition for the vegetarians.  

The menu also offers a unique variety of beverages - Spiced Chocolate Shake, Paan Shake and Jamun Candy. 

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