Live Long Go Into The Blue Zones

Take a trip to regions where locally sourced, plant-based diets are said to enable an extended lifespan
Credit Wikimedia Commons / TudorTulok
Credit Wikimedia Commons / TudorTulok

Do you want to have a healthy and responsible travel regime this year Do you want to try local food, long believed to be the secret to a long life Blue Zone regions of the world are the answer to your questions. 

Blue Zones are community areas, or countries, where locals have gone on to live 100 years without any significant disease. The main reason to be able to pull off an almost miracle like that is &ndash diet. A rigorous plant-based diet is followed in all locations where people have been reported to have a long life span. Their food includes many local beans, grains, fruits and vegetables. When you travel to these Blue Zones, try the local cuisines. We got you covered this time on where to eat what. Here are five places you can visit to eat the healthiest food ever. 

Okinawa, Japan

One of the most attractive places in Japan, Okinawa is also famous for its plant-based diet. You must try the local legume-based foods such as tofu and natto and the traditional Okinawan sweet potato. It&rsquos rich in vitamins and minerals and contains antioxidants that help reduce age-related chronic diseases.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

This Caribbean nation is excellent when it comes to average age. It follows a very inclusive tradition when it comes to food and family. Some common herbs and seeds used by Nicoyans are lemon verbena and cilantro coyote. They are mainly consumed with soup, stews, etc. The main dishes with these herbs are creamy butternut squash soups, black bean, and potato soup.

Ikaria, Greece

This region is known for its unique, organic ingredients, which are grown on steep. You have to try the locally made beer called Ikariotissa and vegetarian treats such as sufi, which is made from summer vegetables, chickpeas, etc. It contains a variety of mountain herbs and oregano which is used extensively to make such dishes.

Sardinia, Italy

This is one corner of Italy which is reported to be inhabited by the healthiest people. The most famous of Sardinia&rsquos dishes are its pasta and wine. Both are created from nutritional models characterised by local plants and their essence.  

Loma Linda, California

Famed for its children&rsquos hospital and research facility, the city is also known for its population, which attributes its longevity to vegetarianism and exercise. 

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