Gift a Sushi Cake Hamper for Christmas

From DIY gingerbread kits to colourful sushi cakes, I'M Wholesome's gift hampers are perfect for foodies
Gift a Sushi Cake Hamper for Christmas
Gift a Sushi Cake Hamper for Christmas

This holiday season we don&rsquot need the gifts of the Magi, but some gourmet food will surely win our hearts and our tummies.

&lsquoTis the season to eat, drink and be merry, and I&rsquoM Wholesome&rsquos gourmet food hampers are made to fit the bill. Gingerbread tree kits to Christmas Cheese Towers, hot chocolate mixes, macarons, cupcakes and grazing platters, sister duo Manpreet and Anupreet Dhody have curated plenty delectable options that are perfect to gift or keep the party going this party season.  

We all have that super excited Christmas-happy friend or the holiday-stoked munchkin in the family. I&rsquoM Wholesome&rsquos season special DIY gingerbread tree kits are perfect to level up their fun. Or you can play it safe and keep it luxe with assortments of season&rsquos favourites like cupcakes, macarons, rich fruit and nut Christmas cakes and more.

Gift for the boss or the compulsive dessert lover cousin, the red velvet cheese cookies, toffee caramel cupcakes and Belgian hot chocolate mixes will definitely give them the merry-cherry cheer.   

When you&rsquore the holiday party host, you can give thanks to I&rsquoM Wholesome for their lip-smacking grazing platters and cheese towers. From fresh strawberry pesto paired with California grapes to truffle shitake cheese, there&rsquore plenty to keep the mouth running and the chatter flowing. For something more exotic and decadent, skip the usual cake and fancy it up with their scrumptious sushi cakes that are available in fifteen different varieties. Mango Avocado to smoked salmon and truffle edamame. 

Even more wholesome, ordering your personalised hamper is just a text away. You can simply DM them on their Instagram page to place orders and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

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To place an order DM on Instagram or place an order through Thrive I'M Wholesome

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