Gorge On Delhi's Winter Street Food Favourites

Taste the city's delicious seasonal specials, from Nalli Nihari to Daulat ki Chaat
Gorge On Delhi's Winter Street Food Favourites
Gorge On Delhi's Winter Street Food Favourites

There's a soothing nip in the air humming the arrival of winter in Delhi and dilliwalas have every reason to be excited&ndashespecially after braving through the unforgiving summer heat. It's not only the best time to explore the city's Mughal-era forts and gardens, but also to treat yourself to some delicious, piping hot street-food to keep your heart warm and soul satisfied

Nalli Nihaari 

A plate of mutton shanks slow-cooked with sublime spices and paired with soft-as-a-cloud naans on a chilly morning is what dreams are made of. Talk about a breakfast of champions The best place to grab a bite would be in old Delhi's Jama Masjid area, where ancient establishments like Haji Shabrati Nihari wale and Al Jawahar have been perfecting it every winter. 

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Nalli Nihaari at Al Jawahar

Kulhad Ka Doodh 

Enter any local market in Delhi one of these months, and you will see some mighty man stirring a vast cauldron full to the brim with simmering milk. This glass of thickened, spiced milk that is brewed for hours is every Delhiite's magic potion for surviving winter. Although it is delicious on its own, for an ultimate experience, get your hands on hot, fresh jalebis to dunk in it. Every mithai shop in the city sets up a space right outside where you can get yourself a glass. But Old Famous Jalebi Wala in Chandni Chowk is an undisputed hit among every Delhiite. 

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Kulhad ka doodh

Daulat Ki Chaat 

This elusive winter-special treat is not just unique for how it tastes but also for how it's made. Thick, creamy milk is churned, then the foam is scooped and kept separately&ndashthis process is continued till the thick, foamy frother forms a heap, after which sugar and dry fruits are added.

Daulat ki chaat only appears during winter because, in high temperatures, it collapses and loses its texture. So, make your way to the lanes of Chandni Chowk, where you'll find a vendor at every few steps selling it 

Daulat ki chaat in Old Delhi

Gajar ka Halwa

The queen of winter desserts certainly needs no introduction. This dish of carrots cooked down with ghee and sugar is on every north Indian's radar when November comes around. With a thriving Punjabi population, the city becomes home to some of the best gajar ka halwa you can taste. Although it finds its way in every small or big mithai shop, the best is found at Kaleva Sweets in Gole Market, Chaina Ram in Chandni Chowk, and Shyam Sweets in Chawri Bazaar. 

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Gajar ka halwa at Chaina Ram 

Chikki and Gajak 

Although Chikki (peanut and jaggery brittles) and Gajak (jaggery and sesame brittles) now come packaged, the charm of getting your hands on some fresh ones made with pure jaggery and sold on thelas (carts) remains close to a Dilliwala's heart. Almost every lane in Delhi's residential area has a seller standing with his thela offering choices of mungfali (peanuts), gajak, chikki. However, if you cannot spot them, head to Meerut Wale in Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk. 

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