Places In Delhi To Get A Taste Of Authentic Bengali Food

If you are living in Delhi and looking for a break from north Indian food, why not try some delectable Bengali food
Places In Delhi To Try Bengali Food. Credit Shutterstock
Places In Delhi To Try Bengali Food. Credit Shutterstock

West Bengal is known for its rich culture and cuisine. However, if you live in Delhi, the city can also offer you some delectable Bengali food. Here's a look at the five places in Delhi where you can taste authentic Bengali food.

Maa Tara, Market 2, Chittaranjan Park
This eatery is the place to be if you are yearning for an ideal Bengali Sunday lunch. One of the most authentic Bengali restaurants in Delhi, their Kosha Maangsho (mutton curry) is a must-try. The place has a quiet and minimal decor and will remind you of any humble eatery along the streets of Kolkata.

Oh Calcutta, Greater Kailash II
This popular restaurant needs no introduction. Some of the dishes you must try when you visit this restaurant include Shorshe Bhapa Chingri (prawns marinated in mustard paste and steamed), Tomato Jaggery Chutney, Dhonepata Chicken (coriander chicken), and Daab Chingri (prawn curry, cooked and served in green coconut).

Bijoli Grill, Connaught Place
Some words that could describe the look and feel of this restaurant are inexpensive, authentic, and cosy. If comfort Bengali food is what you like, try their Daab Chingri and Aloo Posto (potatoes in a lightly spiced poppy seeds paste). Their Mishti Doi and Mutton Kosha (spicy Bengali-style mutton curry) also deserve special mention.

Amar Shonar Bangla, Market 2, Chittaranjan Park
If you are looking for the best eatery in Delhi serving some amazing Gandharaj Mutton (Gandharaj is a special lemon from Bengal)) and Ilish Shorshe (hilsa fish cooked in mustard gravy), Amar Shonar Bangla is perfect for you. Additionally, if you are looking for light snacks like Kathi Rolls and Alu Chop (potato croquette) to munch on, this place makes the best of them too.

Dadu Cutlet Shop, Market 2, Chittaranjan Park
Are you bored of the same old bread pakoras If yes, then head to this place for some Kolkata snacky goodness. They have it all Alu Chop, Mutton Chop, Egg Devil (boiled eggs, encased in a spicy keema mixture, breaded and fried), Fish Cutlet, and Chicken Mughlai Porota.

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