Do Not Miss The International Cheese Festival in Bra This Year

The culinary event scheduled from September 15 to 18, 2023, embraces sustainability and slow food as its fundamental principles, showcasing a diverse range of delicious dishes with a focus on environmentally conscious practices
Do Not Miss The International Cheese Festival in Bra This Year
Do Not Miss The International Cheese Festival in Bra This Year

Located on the border of France and Switzerland, Piedmont in Italy is known for the UNESCO Heritage Site of Langhe-Roero, stunning mountains, tranquil lakes, and some of Italy's most attractive cities. The region is also famous for its sophisticated cuisine, white truffles, traditional chocolate, wine, bread, fruit, and vegetables, among other delicacies.

And Piedmont has more traditional cheese than any other area in Italy, with well-known varieties like the regional Bra Duro, Toma, Robiola, Murazzano, and more.

Come September, and the region will host the gastronomy festival "Cheese". A landmark event in the world of fromage, it is held every two years in the Piedmont town of Bra. Organised by Slow Food Italy and the City of Bra, the event is dedicated to raw milk cheeses and their producers from across the world.

Cheese, in all its subtleties, is unquestionably the fair's main attraction. Any kind of fresh, aged, or blue cheese, including Parmesan, Raschera, Toma, Pecorino, Castelmagno, Gorgonzola, Gruyere, Mozzarella, Provola, and ricotta, is available in plenty. From delicate to spicy, from salty to sweet, there is something to suit every palate. The festival takes place across the city, with stands and stalls in various streets and squares.

Nurturing Local Food Traditions

The event aims to foster and promote local produce and everything associated with it. For example, creating awareness about the 'transumanza,' or the seasonal movement of sheep, and a renewed understanding of the value of pastoral life in Italy's ancient history. Many modern shepherds working on the slopes of Gran Sasso in Italy are Montenegrin immigrants who moved to Italy after the Balkan War. The fruit of their work is such rarities as the delicious 'Pecorino Tenero di Castel del Monte'.

This culinary event takes place from September 15 to 18, 2023, and has sustainability and slow food at its core. This is reflected in the events and workshops. The workshop "The Taste Of The Meadows" invites visitors to understand the alpine meadow ecosystem, its role in ecosystem services, its importance for pollinators, birds, and biodiversity in general, and its cultural and anthropological value.

You can also get up close and familiar with slow food earth markets that promote interconnections among small producers from agricultural regions across Campania, creating a stronger community. For instance, the Piccola Primavera Cooperative in Castellamare di Stabia is committed to addressing eating disorders.

Not Just Cheese

There are other products, such as desserts&mdashdelicious chocolates, creams, and crunchy dried fruits that have been caramelised or wrapped in chocolate by Italian chocolatiers and confectioners. Between the cheese tastings, you can sample craft beer by master brewers. You can also pick up delicious local honey, sauces, jams, and other condiments. And since Piedmont is one of Italy's top wine-producing areas, do not miss trying out the local wines, especially the Barolo.

You can start your day in Bra with coffee, then sample some local cheese before exploring the city by taking a stroll down its cobblestone streets and admiring its architecture. You can spend the evening sipping local wine, eating cured meat and cheese, hiking, or driving to the vineyards.

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