Delhi, Here is Where to Order From This Weekend

With the long weekend almost here, this is where you should order from
The cheesy garlic breadsticks from Highline Pizza
The cheesy garlic breadsticks from Highline Pizza

The long weekend is here and so is festive fervour the and we&rsquore pretty sure you&rsquove sorted that binge watch list on your device for a post Holi holiday. And now comes the big question&hellipwhat do you order Your quest for that perfect meal to pair with your movie-athon ends here. We tried two outlets (so that you wouldn&rsquot have to) and here is what we found out

While the city has plenty of options when it comes to burger joints, Burgrill stands out for a few reasons. The first being for providing overloaded, gourmet burgers that do not burn a hole in your pocket. Priced reasonably and loaded on nutrition and flavour, Burgrill is the brainchild of Ankur Madan, Rajat Bawa and Shreh Madan. 

Tasting notes
We got our hands on some of their classics &mdash the Onion Ring Snacker burger, African Peri Peri Fries and the Falafel Wrap. Well suited for the Indian taste buds in terms of the spice level and flavours. However, if you&rsquore somebody with zero spice tolerance, give the Peri Peri fries a miss. The burger, loaded with well seasoned onion rings, is a good choice for those who wish to combine the side and the main dish. We also recommend their Falafel Wrap with balanced and juicy flavours. We got our hands on their Green Meat Pounder too, which currently is pretty far from perfection and requires more R&ampD to compete with other players. 

What we&rsquod go back for
We absolutely would go back for the Onion Ring Snacker and pair it with the Peri Peri fries and gulp it all down with their ice-cold Belgian Chocolate Frappe. Burgrill also scored extra brownie points for a very timely and well packed delivery. 

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Pocket pinch Rs500 for two

Highline Pizza
The latest venture of COMO pizzeria and cafe, Highline Pizza is a concept that takes inspiration from the streets of New York. Currently delivering in Gurugram, their late night delivery is a hot favourite. 

Tasting Notes
We got our hands on a few things across their menu and were not disappointed with any one of them. Right from their pastas to the woodfired pizzas, cheese is what dominates the plate. We&rsquod also give them extra brownie points for their serving size. We began with their special garlic breadsticks and the Chef&rsquos special mac and cheese. The former being crispy and retaining the crunch even upon delivery is what stood out. As for the mac and cheese, the first bite will give one an idea of why it&rsquos the Chef&rsquos special. Extremely creamy and soft in texture, minimal on spices, it almost melts in your mouth. We next moved on to the Upside Down Margherita and the Upper East Side Pizzas. The Upside Down Margherita comes with a tomato basil sauce, fresh mozzarella and ricotta that lend the pizza its unique aroma. With all basic flavours in place the pizza tops our list of recommendations. The Upper East Side on the other hand comes with sundried tomatoes, jalapenos, olives, goat cheese and rocket leaves and makes for a delightful surprise. 

What we&rsquod go back for
Apart from their pizzas and pastas, we&rsquod also go back for the Happy Box, which contains exactly what it sounds like &mdash happiness, in the form of soft baked cookies, churros and doughnuts (the highlight of the box). We also recommend Basque Cheesecake which is the right amount of soft and fluffy. 

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Pocket Pinch Rs800 for two

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