Cheesy Trip Six Of Europe's Top Destinations For Cheese Lovers

Do you adore the milky and salty delight that cheese is Then brace yourselves for an enjoyable cheesy treat
Europe is a cheese lover's paradise. Credit Shutterstock
Europe is a cheese lover's paradise. Credit Shutterstock

A cheese lover's paradise, Europe is where you may easily spend hours munching your way across the continent. Many of the most well-known kinds of cheese come from this region. From the Emmental valley in Switzerland to Gouda in the Netherlands, here are the top six locations for cheese lovers in Europe.

Parma, Italy

Parmigiano Reggiano, more often known as Parmesan cheese, is one of Parma's most well-known exports. It is a city in northern Italy's Emilia-Romagna region. You may learn how to make this hard, mature, and flavorful cheese during factory visits. It is abundant on restaurant menus, and a whole museum is devoted to this "King of Cheeses."

Roquefort, France

One of the most famous blue cheeses in the world is made in the southern French town of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. You may take a tour of the cellars where the enormous wheels of this strong cheese are matured and witness precisely how it is manufactured before tasting the final product. It is made from sheep's milk and is distinguished by its dark blue-green veins.

Gouda, Netherlands

Gouda, known for its namesake cheese, is a part of Holland's Cheese Valley, a region brimming with cheese-related activity. You may explore everything, including museums that let you learn how cheese is made and ripened, monuments dedicated to cheese, cheese festivals, and even an old weighing house. Don't miss the vibrant traditional cheese markets teeming with vendors, where you may sample a variety of options and decide which ones to bring home.

Gruy&egraveres, Switzerland

This medieval town's primary claim to fame is that it has been the birthplace of the firm, rich Gruy&egravere cheese since at least the 12th century. Visit the La Maison du Gruy&egravere plant to learn about the Gruy&egravere and observe its production, then fill up on dishes containing copious amounts of cheese at the on-site café.

Pag, Croatia

The untamed Pag island in Croatia is renowned for its lunar-like topography and peculiar local cheese. A cheese made only in Pag employs milk from sheep fed on fragrant indigenous plants like sage, which is naturally dusted with sea salt by the wind gusts. As a result, the cheese has a distinctively salty flavour. Visit Pag's Gligora Cheese Factory to learn more about the cheese, its production process, and to try some.

Emmental, Switzerland

The picturesque Emmental valley in Switzerland is well known for its hills and for being the origin of Emmental cheese. One is welcome to visit the Emmental Show Dairy to learn how it's manufactured and why it has so many holes. Additionally, you can practice producing your own cheese with expert assistance and partake in some tasting.

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