Black Bun Burgers & Very Peri Food Discover The Best Of Europe At Barcelos

At this new restaurant in Saket, New Delhi, your meal is a boarding pass to corners of Europe
The pleasant ambience at Barcelos makes the experience even more worthwhile
The pleasant ambience at Barcelos makes the experience even more worthwhile

With its roots in culture,&nbsptradition&nbspand history, Barcelos is bringing out the spicy fare to tickle the Indian taste buds.&nbspAn Indian unit of the South African casual dining restaurant chain,&nbspBarcelos has won people&rsquos hearts with its very own gourmet innovations.&nbspA combination of superior service from South Africa and the blend of peri-peri flavors, Barcelos has chains in cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi, and Hyderabad. 

Located in the DLF Palace Mall in Saket, Barcelos is an auto ride away from the metro station. Having arrived at Barcelos for an early dinner, I was able to catch a glimpse of the restaurant as it prepared for a busy day ahead. An elegantly arranged table greeted me as I waited for the food to arrive. In the meantime, I took time to observe the paintings that hung across the walls of the casual dining venue. The artwork were a strong reflection of the culture of the cuisines that are served at this gorgeous location. A friendly staff coupled with a fine ambience had me looking forward to what was in store for me.  

The menu offers a gratifying mix of Portuguese, Mexican and Italian cuisines along with a modern twist on the traditional classics. The Flame Grilled Peri Peri Chicken is a special highlight of the restaurant. The Portuguese dish is with a succulent chicken leg or breast with a peri peri sauce of your choice, served with traditional Portuguese rice, gravy and a side dish. The sauce choices range from Mild Peri for the faint hearted to Tangy Lemon to Super Peri and Very Peri for those who prefer to have their food with an extra bit of spice. Another specialty&nbspof the South Africa-based venue is its different coloured burgers. One can choose between the Black Burger Bun, the Red Burger Bun, and the Classic - each encapsulating an exclusive flavor. For the Black Burger,&nbspcaramel is burnt, while tomato for red and tumeric for yellow. Natural ingredients are used as they play a great role in how the food tastes. 

Choosing from such as extravagant listings of food can be a challenge of the highest order. A dish that I highly recommend would be the Empanadas. The Mexican appetizer is a golden-brown half-moon tortilla pocket, filled with assorted veggies, and is served with peri mayo sauce. The flamboyant mixes of spices and the delicious mix of vegetables will leave you craving for more. The peri mayo sauce adds to the spices creating a firecrackers of flavors.

Another food item that I enjoyed to my heart's content was the Peri Chicken Chunk. The dish made from boneless chicken thighs skewered with onions and peppers should be had with one of the four flavours of sauce. The chicken, at its juicy best, melts in your melt and provides for a heavenly experience.

Desserts are not included in new menu and there is no alcohol as well. However, a rich variety of mocktails and milkshakes are on offer.
If you need to get away from the conventional naans, chicken butter masala, and aloo dum, make your way to Barcelos and have a taste of Western soul food like never before.
The Information

Cost for two &nbspApprox @INR 1,400 for two, exclusive of taxes 

Contact&nbsp011 43505270

Getting there&nbspOne can either get off at either the Saket or Malviya Nagar stations. If you are going for dinner on a weekday, the metro might be your best bet as traffic is at its worst during peak hours near the area.   

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