Biryani and Kebab Recipe From A Popular Restaurant Chain

Kolkata based Birynai By Kilo outlet shares two simple recipes which can be easily rustled up at home
Biryani and Kebab Recipe From A Popular Restaurant Chain
Biryani and Kebab Recipe From A Popular Restaurant Chain

What was once a quick wholesome meal for soldiers on the move has now reached the elite tables via the royal kitchens. Although Awadhi and Hyderabadi biryani are the most famous, along with Kolkata biryani, nearly every corner of India has a specialty biryani marked by local food influences. 

A pan-India popular chain, Biryani By Kilo has recently revamped the menu of their Kolkata outlet. It is their constant innovation which has endeared them to their patrons, according to Vishal Jindal, founder and co-CEO of the company.

BBK has shared two simple do-it-yourself recipes for OT readers, of Kolkata Biryani and Galouti Kebab, which can be made at home.

Kolkata Chicken Biryani


Basmati rice (200gm)
Chicken (4 pieces)
Boiled egg (2)
Whole potato boiled and fried (2)
Milk (250ml)
Biryani Masala (ready-mix available in the market)

For the marination

Beresta (crispy fried onions), curd, dry spices (red chillies, cumin, coriander, fennel seeds), curry leaves &ndash (70gm)


Boil the rice separately with whole spices (cardamom, mace, nutmeg)

In a &lsquohandi&rsquo or pot add the four pieces of chicken and the marinade

Add Biryani Masala and salt (to taste) and mix it well

Then add the egg and the potato

Pour milk and mix it well

Now add the boiled rice to this &lsquohandi&rsquo

Garnish with browned onion and chopped mint coriander

Seal the &lsquohandi&rsquo with lid (sea it with atta dough)

Place the &lsquohandi&rsquo inside the oven for 20 mins in about 250 degree

Serve hot

Mutton Galouti Kebab


Mutton mince (250gm)
Raw Papaya paste
Desi Ghee (60 ml)
Oil (3-4 spoons)
Salt (according to taste)
Kashmiri Mirch powder
Freshly ground whole spices powder (8gm)
Sattu (30gm)


Add the raw papaya paste to the mutton mince and leave the mix for 20 mins

Now rub the mutton mince with hands

Add salt, desi ghee, rosewater, and freshly ground whole spices. Mix them well

Add sattu and mix well

Give a smoky flavour to the mutton mince with the help of charcoal - keep two pieces of hot charcoal on a piece of foil paper and put ghee and a few cloves on it place the foil on mutton mince and cover leave for around 15 mins

Next, take the mutton mix and shape them into kebabs

Take a non-stick tawa and add oil in it (3-4 spoons)

Put the kebabs in and cook them well on both the sides

Serve with mint chutney and salad

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