Beyond Italy Here Are Some Cities With The Best Pizza

A New York restaurant has been named the best pizzeria in the world.
Neapolitan pizza is also known as Naples-style pizza
Neapolitan pizza is also known as Naples-style pizza

Fifteen American eateries have made it to the list of 100 best pizzerias in the world. Of these, three are in the top 15. 

The list is an annual one that is published by the Italian pizza experts behind 50 Top Pizza, a well-known ranking that rewards the best pizzerias in Italy and in the world.

They recently released the 2022 survey ranking of the best pizzerias. And interestingly, there is a close tie between a New York restaurant, Una Pizza Napoletana and one in Southern Italy, I Masanielli di Francesco Martucci.

And as the list illustrates, not all the best pizzas originate from Italy. Places like London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, among many others, have been featured in the world's best pizza list.

The list is curated on criteria such as quality, decor, ambience, service, and wine.

Let's take a look at the places which the best slice.


Ask any traveller visiting this region, and this pizza spot will be on their to-do list. On the internet, their reviews often read - 'the best pizza ever tasted', 'great place for a traveller', 'flawless'. We are talking about I Masanielli - Francesco Martucci in Caserta, a city in southern Italy, and located 36 kms by road north of Naples. This restaurant has officially been declared as the best city in the world for Neapolitan pizzas.

New York

Located in New York&rsquos Lower East Side, this Una Pizza Napoletana is the sixth iteration of Anthony Mangieri&rsquos pizzeria. Since its inception, it has specialised in wood-fired pizzas. 


Peppe Pizzeria in Paris proudly claims, 'The best Neapolitan pizza in the world is eaten in Paris Our 100% homemade cuisine will take you directly to the heart of Naples.' It is no wonder that an Italian delicacy made in Paris has bagged global recognition. 


The Pizza Bar on 38th at the Mandarin Oriental grabs the top rank out of all the Tokyo spots, coming in at 16th position. Straight from the brick oven, this place promises sizzling pizzas created at your counter. If you are in Tokyo and are in the mood for ultimate Italian fanfare, this spot which has bagged a spot on the global list for best pizza, is your best bet. 

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