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My culinary journey began in Europe and then expanded to Asia for the last 20 years, where I was exposed to various cultures, cuisines and cooking methods
Chef Fabrizio Aceti
Chef Fabrizio Aceti

Chef Fabrizio Aceti, known in the industry as the Fashion Superchef, is taking over Sorrento, the hotel's award-winning Italian restaurant, from November 4&nbspuntil November 13Chef Aceti will demonstrate his innovative skills and precision technique as he puts together a specially curated degustation menu that is sure to please even the most discerning palates.

&nbspNever before seen in Delhi, Chef Fabrizio Aceti's menu will take guests on a multi-sensory journey through a series of elegant courses. Each course will be expertly paired with a selection of award-winning Italian wines selected by the hotel sommelier.

We had a chat with him about his journey as Super Chef, his plans, and more.

You completed 25 years in the F&ampB industry. How did the journey begin

In Piedmont (Northern Italy), where I was raised, delicious and fresh food was the norm. I have been passionate about creating new and inventive recipes for as long as I can remember. I started my journey in Italy at a hotel management school near Milan and then moved to Switzerland for the summer, and there was no stopping after that. I have always enjoyed the food and loved cooking.

While growing up, were travel and food important to your family's life

Growing up in a family of butchers (my father), food was always an important part of my life. I have always wanted to travel the world, and the chef in the white jacket provided me with the opportunity to explore the diverse and abundant cuisines of the world.

From China to Monaco, how would you describe your culinary journey

My culinary journey began in Europe and then expanded to Asia for the last 20 years, where I was exposed to various cultures, cuisines and cooking methods. Travelling and learning about the world's different cuisines was essential for professional and personal growth and journey. This yearning took me to various countries where I met and cooked for individuals from all walks of life. It made me realise that my true passion is developing out-of-the-box food concepts for clients across industries, including fashion. The real fun began when I understood that food can be as unique and innovative as fashion. Thus, I serve up more than ordinary fare and am known as the "Fashion Superchef" in the industry.

When you travel, which two places are your must-go-to for a meal

While travelling, I always look for authentic food from the region and the compelling story behind it. It enables me to feel connected to the place I am visiting and leads me on a different journey that helps me learn about the cuisine's history and characteristics. 

During your journey as a chef, who were you most influenced by

Alain Ducasse was the person who had the biggest impact on me. He is renowned for his impeccable cuisine and for developing cutting-edge dining concepts influenced by other cultures. Other than him, many people profoundly inspired me by helping me comprehend how Chinese food is a medicine that balances the elements. 

Which cuisine inspires you the most

The most appealing cuisines to me were Italian and French, but Asian and Arab cuisines piqued my interest. Overall, I aspire to combine the authenticity and traditional flavours of cuisines with innovation and inventive cooking techniques to introduce them to the world.

What's next in your plan

My next goal is to continue travelling to learn more and display various gourmet experiences brimming with creativity till I am exhausted, all while delighting individuals with my food.

Chef Fabrizio Aceti's special set menu is available for lunch and dinner at INR 5,500 plus taxes per person and INR 8,500 plus taxes per person paired with wines. Guests can also savour his signature dishes from the a la carte menu.

Where Sorrento, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, New Delhi 

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