A Delicious Combination Of Sicilian Flavour And Culture On Your Plate

Experience the vibe and culinary traditions of southern Italy at The Pasta Bowl Company
A popular dish from the south of Italy, cozze gratinate are baked mussles and make for a great appetizer
A popular dish from the south of Italy, cozze gratinate are baked mussles and make for a great appetizer

A Sicilian restaurant with a menu that picks the highlights of Tuscan and Sicilian cuisine, The Pasta Bowl Company functions in line with the philosophy of &ldquoEat Seasonal, Eat Fresh&rdquo. A new menu is showcased every season, reflecting the mood of the moment and the refreshing, light and flavourful monsoon menu does live up to the billing. 

They say, the culture of a country is best reflected in its cuisines. True to its Italian self, the Sicilian kitchens are a haven of taste and authenticity. The Pasta Bowl Company promises to create the same gastronomical magic and serve a concoction of Sicilian flavour and culture on your platter.

Having heard multiple stories from friends about how tiny the restaurant is, with one friend even going as far as labelling it as a &ldquomicro&rdquo dining experience. I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival as the restaurant has undergone a renovation and is not only much bigger in size, but the d&eacutecor is eye catching. The walls hold several paintings the ceiling consisted of lovely wooden beams which caught my eye instantly, accentuated by the green of several plants that lined the walls alongside the pots on the floor. The centrepiece is the wall clock that is etched bang in the centre of the room with a boundary of simple stone-baked bricks that add to the already rustic aura. Having peaked my curiosity bug due to the distinctive and seemingly personalised home d&eacutecor, I had a strong suspicion that this wasn&rsquot a run-of-the-mill job merely outsourced to an interior designer. Upon questioning, I was later told that Chef Om himself drew the entire layout on a piece of paper before handing it over to the professionals to execute.

Disclaimer to all those looking to paint the town red on a weekend, The Pasta Bowl Company does not have a liquor licence and hence you will have to make do with soft drinks, aerated beverages and an assortment of mocktails. The main attraction is the food, so visit for the food and food alone. The menu features your usual suspects, your antipastos, risottos, pizzas, pastas along with a selection of deserts. Although, where The Pasta Bowl Company differs from the commonplace restaurants is with their tasting menu that offers a diverse selection to choose from. This may be the way to go if you&rsquore looking to sample several dishes all at a budget.  

We started off with Ciabatta bread accompanied with pesto alla trapanese, which Chef Adesh explicitly stated, had been ratified by an Italian chef from Sicily and it adhered to his stringent standards. Well, if it&rsquos good enough for the Sicilians then surely it will do me all right. The true highlight here was the pesto alla trapanese which had a lovely combination of garlic and nuts. I asked for it to be left behind so that I could continue my pursuit of plundering through it with the remainder of the courses.

Another star from the starters was the bruschetta funghi e olio di tartufo. Simply put, this is bruschetta with mushrooms topped with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic and rounded off with some chopped parsley&mdasha true treat for the senses, but yet light enough to allow room for more courses to follow.  

Among the mains, the absolute showstopper was the most renowned of all risotto dishes - fungi e tartufo risotto, a rich and creamy concoction of mushrooms, garlic and truffle oil that simply disappears in your mouth. Though it&rsquos a dish not very kind on the gut, regardless, I would not hesitate to order it again. Should I say &ldquonot for the fainthearted&rdquo

The perfect end to the meal was in the form of semifreddo ai manghi, a semi frozen creamed mango dessert with pistachios. Extremely creamy, balanced with the right amount of sweet, however, it could have been set slightly better to facilitate ease of eating (there was a slight struggle cutting into the desert).

The Information
Where The Pasta Bowl Company is located directly opposite and a minute&rsquos walk away from Galleria, Gurugram. The Pasta Bowl Company is located in Cross Point Mall (2nd floor), DLF Phase IV which may be accessed by the Golf Course Road if plying by road transport. The nearest metro station is Rapid METRO Sector 55-56 Station.

Cost for two @INR1300

Contact 0124 - 4375666

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