5 Vegan Restaurants In Switzerland

On your Swiss tour, enjoy your vegan meals at some of the best dairy and meat-free restaurants in the country
Credit www.shutterstock.com / Lightspring
Credit www.shutterstock.com / Lightspring

Well known for its dairy and chocolate-related products, Switzerland now has several popular vegan restaurants. These cater to the wave of veganism sweeping the world, as animal-related products are side-lined in favour of personal and the earth's health. All of it, of course, suits the Indian traveller, as our palates are traditionally biased towards plant-based food. Here are five restaurants in Switzerland where you will find no mention of dairy or meat.  

Haus Hiltl, Zurich

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The oldest vegetarian and vegan restaurant on that side of the world, Hiltl, was founded in 1898 by Ambrosius Hiltl. The brand runs the restaurant, bistro, a takeaway joint, the Hiltl Buffet, an academy, and Switzerland's first vegetarian butchery.

The Marktkuche restaurant is all about market-fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients, which the owner and Chef Tobias Hoesli and his small team are experts in turning into mouth-watering dishes. The restaurant offers a creative cross-section of modern produce-based cuisine. Additionally, every last Friday of the month, they offer a lunch menu of three courses. 

Restaurant Oz, F&uumlrstenau 

Your dish will be made of whatever catches the eye of chef de cuisine Timo Fritsche on his forays through the garden. The restaurant's name is from the Rhaeto-Romanic word for 'today'. You can sit at a counter that wraps around the open kitchen and watch your dish being prepared by experts. They do use eggs and dairy products but will put together a vegan menu for you when informed in advance.

Restaurant La Clav, Hotel Adula, Flims

The restaurant has reinterpreted the popular meat-based dishes of Grisons (one of the cantons/districts of Switzerland) into vegan and vegetarian versions, which have their own following. While retaining the flavours of the region and the culture, the restaurant creates local dishes with an added Mediterranean touch.

Run by Chef Zineb Hattab, of Moroccan descent, the restaurant completely avoids all animal ingredients and offers a plant-based menu using local produce. The restaurant's name comes from the german sauerklee (wood sorrels), a plant common to some European regions.  

For more information, check the website. 

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